Friday, 28 January 2011

When did Informing Become the Right Thing to do?

Choking on cornflakes in the mornings is fast becoming a regular occurrence in the Newry Republican household.

The cause of this latest airway blockage came as a result of comments made on yesterday mornings Nolan show by none other than Carál Ní Chuilín.

The topic being discussed was the recent aborted bomb attack(s) in Belfast. As usual we had the condemners out in force, speaking about no support, no mandates etc ( you get the picture).

Caral was wheeled onto the show to give her and her party's view on the incident. As expected she condemned it, but then she went a step further.

The plump presenter asked :

"If you knew Caral, would you turn them in?"
To which she replied with a stern

(this is the exact point i choked on my cornflakes)

Now as regular readers are aware i don't support armed struggle at the moment. But i also dont think that informing on Republican volunteers is right either. It was wrong in the past and it's wrong today!How many Republicans have ended up in early graves because of people informing? And now SF are not only telling people to do it but are doing it themselves even if it means volunteers being killed or imprisoned !!!!

Caral has a very short memory as she was in jail on an explosives charge, that was back when she was involved in the Republican struggle.

Caral also has a history of informing to the establishment authorities. During the summer she endorsed touting to the Housing Executive and social services to have people evicted from their homes. I suppose it comes naturally considering her movement was and still is riddled to the highest level with highly placed agents, many of which have been exposed over the years. But how many remain undetected and continue pulling the strings?

Informers have been a scourge on the Republican struggle as far back as the 1700s. There are always those who would indulge in such treacerous acts for their own selfish reasons.

I notice that one thing Caral forgot to mention was the underlying cause of the conflict........British occupation. It's simple, if Ireland wasn't under foreign occupation, there wouldn't be any bombs or guns attacks. Caral and her fellow constitutionals rarely mention the word "occupation" these days.

After Caral spoke, a delightful woman by the name of Sheila came on the show, what a mighty woman she turned out to be !!!!!!

Here's a wee video just to show much these people have turned

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