Monday, 10 January 2011

British Army Involved in Raids

Once again the foreign occupier has shown it's imperialist face, this time on the streets of Belfast where a number of properties and workplaces were raided, the RUC/PSNI also participated in these acts of repression.

One of the targets of these raids was, prominent Belfast Republican, Carl Reilly who had his workplace raided.

The PSNI seized Christmas cards sent to POWs from the USA, which included in them small donations in US dollars to a number of Republican POW's children, Carl protested that the money was for POWs children and that there was no need to take it as it was a relatively small amount of money. They proceeded to make jokes at the expense of the POWs whose names were on the envelopes, including Colin Duffy who they said "be in a simmer frame before he sees daylight "and they made racist comments about Republican POW Willie Wong by making kung-fu sounds, This attack on POWs and their children was done directly across the street from the local Coiste office, who despite gathering to watch what was happening, never enquired into how anyone was, including Carl who is an ex-pow himself....also just as worrying is the fact that men in black combats entered the workplace and scanned the walls for "hides" when challenged by Carl as to who they were, he was informed that they weren't police but that he couldn't say who they were. At the end of the search it was revealed that TSGs from Mahon Rd and New Barnsley PSNI stations were involved and the numbers of the others were given alongside a footnote saying they were from a regiment of the British army. Once again British soldiers on the streets of west Belfast targeting ex-POWs and current POWs and there clanns, suffice to say as with ALL raids on Carls home and his workplace NOTHING was found except for the prisoners envelopes !

The RUC/PSNI also raided five pensioners flats next door to Carl's workplace, simply because he shares a black-bin entry with them.

This isn't the first time that British soldiers have taken part in recent house raids, there have been numerous similar incidents over the past year. Some people are happy enough that the British army are "confined to their barracks" and are "off the streets" but for Irish Republicans thats unacceptable, they should not be in Ireland in any shape of form whether we can see them or not.

I wonder what the cheerleaders of the PSNI make of these joint operations? They are quick enough to condemn Republican operations aimed at the foreign occupier so will they also condemn British Army operations in occupied Ireland?

No doubt severe manners will be put on them at the next DPP meeting

I predict this will be met with a wall of silence

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