Saturday, 15 January 2011

Upsurge in Raids

Over the past week or so there has been a notable upsurge in raids directed against Republicans right across the country.

In Belfast workplaces and homes were raided by the British Army and PSNI, as pointed out in a previous blog post. Since that incident more homes have been raided in the New Lodge, several other areas in Belfast, Derry, Lurgan and Munster.

In Kildare a number of men were arrested on a farm by Free State forces who claimed to have found mortars. Then they said they found components. This could mean anything from bits of tubes to milk churns. These items can be found on any farm in Ireland.

In Derry a good comrade of mine had his home raided. a small convoy of our new civic police force arrived at the house whilst it was unoccupied. They soon ordered the son of the said person to contact his father after he arrived on the scene. They rampaged their way through multiple rooms, damaging furniture and rummaging through personal belongings.

So insistent were our reformed police force on ensuring that there was no threat, they took his daughter into a side room, removing her trousers and hand-searching her bra, the same tactics employed by British screws to degenerate women in Armagh gaol. Had such an act been committed by persons who were not in British uniform, it would have been deemed sexual assault and plastered across local media. Other family members where then searched, whilst other officers watched TV and chatted casually, not even attempting to pretend that violating human rights and family homes is not part of their day job.

While this incident is deplorable, the said person is no stranger to having his family targeted. Over the Christmas period whilst the RUC where in full harassment mode, another daughter, a minor, was forced to stand outside a vehicle which was being searched. Stood in freezing conditions for a lengthily period, in full view of the public, she was refused when she requested to sit in the vehicle for heat and a full body search was conducted on her person.

Yesterday morning in Lurgan 3 Republicans were arrested after their homes were raided by the Crown Forces
Raids, harassment and arrests are on the increase both North and South. They are being carried out by the British Army, British Police and their lackeys in the Free State forces.

As per usual this is nothing new, raids are always being carried out, but its clear there is a marked increase and as usual its met with a wall of silence.

If they think they will break Republicans by using such desperate repressive tactics then they can think again

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