Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bloody Sunday 2011

Yesterday marked the 39th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday massacre in which 14 innocent civilians were cruelly shot dead, in the town they loved so well, by the British Army's barbaric Parachute Regiment.

Like every other year thousands turned out to commemorate and remember the events of that day which was one of the most, if not the darkest day in our troubled history.

This was the first march since the Saville report was published during the year and people from not just Ireland but from all over the world participated in the march.

Some people have been wrongly claiming that this was the last march. From listening to some of the families it seems that it most certainly isn't going to be the last one.

The Nash family have stated that SF have always controlled the march and that they stopped it, we can only guess their reasons for doing so.

If just one family want to continue to march for truth and justice then i and many others will proudly stand with them.

On another note the PSNI attacked people returning by train from the commemoration. They boarded the train at Coleraine and proceeded to beat passengers with batons and spray everyone, including children as young as the age of 3, with CS gas. One passenger said
"I just took my kids to see the last ever Bloody Sunday march. I'm 31 full time single dad.and i took my 2 young kids aged 3 and 5. The horror an suffering they endured on that train home will effect them forever .CS gas in there faces..daddy getting pushed to the ground while they could hardly see. It was unreal......that was our very first ever time stepping foot on a train ever, me and my kids .and by sure it will be the last!"
Isn't it just ironic that people returning from commemorating those murdered by the British forces in 1972 are beaten and gassed by the British forces in 2011

I look forward to seeing you all at the 40th anniversary march next year

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