Wednesday, 29 February 2012


This Thursday British Army War Criminal Lt. Col. Richard Maundrell Will Be Delivering A Day Long Course In ‘Leadership’ at QUB, IT WILL NOT GO UNCHALLENGED !

The Campaign To Demilitarise Education will be there to oppose this farce.

Join "The Campaign To Demilitarise Education" in a day of action.

Flying picket to assemble At 9:15am outside Queens Student union, culminating in a public demonstration also assembling outside the SU at 1pm

Organised by the Republican Congress QUB

Monday, 27 February 2012

PSNI harassment motion to be debated at Newry Council meeting

Davy Hyland and Stephen Murney

A motion condemning PSNI harassment in Newry is to be debated at the monthly meeting of Newry & Mourne District Council on Monday 5th March.

The motion, spearheaded by éirígí, is being submitted to the council by independent republican councillor Davy Hyland on behalf of the party.

The text of the motion reads: “This council notes, with grave concern, the ongoing harassment of republican activists in the Newry area by the PSNI. Members of the socialist republican party éirígí, along with other republicans, are being harassed on an almost daily basis while going about their everyday business and while engaging in legitimate political activities. This harassment includes regular stop & searches which in the past have been condemned by the European courts of human rights. It is imperative that Newry and Mourne District Council condemn this unnecessary harassment and call for this type of political policing to stop.”

Speaking about the motion, éirígí’s Newry representative Stephen Murney explained, “Harassment in recent years has gone into overdrive in Newry. This has been widely publicised yet elected representatives, with the exception of Davy Hyland, have remained silent.

“These people claim to have our best interests at heart yet so far they refuse to speak out against these human rights abusers. We need to know where they stand on this issue. Are they on the side of the victims or are they on the side of the oppressor?

“This is just one initiative we are pursuing to tackle PSNI harassment. We are also going to be launching a ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign at a public meeting in the coming weeks.”

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Marian Price Needs You

The following letter was written by former blanketman Alex McCrory

It is encouraging to note the growing interest in Marian Price even if it has been slow to materialise. She was recently transferred to Hydebank prison hospital due to concerns over her health. Eight months of solitary incarceration has led to deterioration in her mental and physical condition, so much so, that her family and friends were becoming increasingly worried for her wellbeing. It is a question of conjecture whether this move will benefit her or not.

What we can be certain of is that Marian will continue to suffer whilst she remains imprisoned. The burden of her predicament weighs heavily on her shoulders every minute of every day. The separation from her family is particularly painful for a woman of her age: As we grow older time becomes more precious. This whole experience has deprived her of so much in terms of her fundamental entitlements as a human being. Freedom empowers us to enjoy the fullness of life which is why the loss of liberty is so debilitating. Only those who have spent time in prison can fully grasp the enormity of this.

Marian Price has had her freedom removed by the unjust decision of a British government minister without so much as an explanation. Her right to due process her been set aside on a spurious pretext. A crucial document that could secure her release has been lost or destroyed according to Owen Patterson. Where else would you get it?

So where does this leave her? At the mercy of a government that views her as a present threat to the state because of her political beliefs. And herein is the real reason for revoking her licence. Never mind the bullshitting of the politicians. Marian Price is a political hostage, plain and simple. She is an example of what those who dissent from British rule can expect for their sins. The cost of being a principled, articulate republican has always been high and, in the case of Marian Price, she has paid well over the odds.

Left alone the British government will continue to hold Marian for as long as is possible. Without real political pressure being brought to bear Owen Patterson will not be in any hurry to release her. What is required here is a vociferous public campaign and lobbying strategy to win this woman’s freedom. We did it for Brendan Lillis last year in respect of his licence, let us do the same for Marian now. We have it in our power to get this proud Irishwoman out of jail and back to her family.

Show your support for Marian Price. Join the campaign for her immediate release. Stand against this injustice and help bring her home.

Alex McCrory.

Davy Hyland - "British Army haven't gone away you know"

Independent republican councillor for Newry and Mourne, Davy Hyland, has voiced his anger and concern over the continued operations of the British Army in the six-counties.
Davy was speaking after it was recently revealed that the British army’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) were responsible for planting a tracking device on a republican’s car.

Davy said “The British army are very active in the six-counties, people might not see them everyday but that doesn’t mean they aren’t here, lurking in the shadows. There are thousands of British combat troops garrisoned in military bases across the North. We are under foreign occupation, make no bones about that”.

“The revelations that a covert British army unit, the SRR, was involved in planting a tracking device on a republicans car is a worrying development. This particular unit are closely linked with the SAS and the 14th intelligence company who are well skilled in colluding with unionist death squads. How many more covert operations are being carried out against the republican community?

Hyland continued “British soldiers have also been involved in raiding homes across the 6 counties, including nationalist areas here in Newry and this was exposed by éirígí last year. At the time there wasn’t a single word of condemnation from the establishment parties. The same people who try and portray the 6 counties as a normal society, yet we are far from normal, we still have armed British soldiers on operations regardless of whether we can see them or not. The establishment parties might be happy that everything is ok as long as you can’t see British soldiers, but for republicans the British army is not welcome in any part of Ireland, under any guise, under any circumstances.


Two thousand people marched through Coalisland on Sunday 19th in memory of East Tyrone IRA Volunteers Barry O’Donnell, Seán O’Farrell, Peter Clancy and Patrick Vincent.  The four Volunteers were ambushed in cold blood by the SAS at Clonoe Chapel on 16th February 1992 while they dismantled their weaponry following a daring attack on Coalisland RUC Barracks. The independent commemoration was organised by the 1916 Societies, namely the Eamonn Ceannt Society (Coalisland/Clonoe) and the Thomas Clarke Society (Dungannon). Banners highlighting the lack of an Inquest into the shootings and the campaign for truth fought by the families since then were carried and from 1916 societies across Ireland.

The march, which was the largest seen in Coalisland for many years, was the culmination of a weekend of events marked the 20th anniversary of these brave Irishmen. It began on Thursday 16th when a crowd of over 200 hundred people travel round to light candles at each grave and a torchlight procession at Edendork. On Friday 17th around 300 people packed into Clonoe Community Centre for “Memories of Barry, Patrick, Peter and Sean – a night of stories and music”. On Sat 18th Wreath laying ceremonies beginning at Clonoe 2pm, Coalisland 2.30pm and Edendork 3pm took place. That evening an Inquest Discussion in assoc. with Relatives for Justice, in the Cornmill, Coalisland took place where family members laid out the legal battle they are involved in to secure an Inquest. An exhibition on the four Volunteers was on show all weekend in the Cornmill, Coalisland with hundreds through the door each day.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Statement from the Family & Friends of Republican prisoners on Ford's refusal to publish findings

David Ford's refusal to publish the findings of a prison service study into alternatives to the degrading practice of strip searches is totally unacceptable in light of the current crisis within Maghaberry prison. Numerous critical reports into the running of the prison have pointed to the fact that the prison service and, in particular, the POA have time and again used security reasons as an excuse not to implement recommendations, one can only come to the conclusion that Ford, instead of taking on and facing down the old guard within the prison service, is himself using the same excuse to hold back on change.

At every turn in trying to justify the prison regimes position on the August of 2010 agreement with republican prisoners and, in particular, the issue of strip searching, David Ford has been found wanting. He has lost the argument and is now resorting to using security as a cloak to try and hide the truth.

The fact being that not one of the reasons he has given for retaining the degrading practice of strip searches has stood up to public scrutiny. We the Friends and Family group call on David Ford to stop pandering to the DUP/NIPS axis and publish the report without further delay. 

Martin Rafferty
Family & Friends of Republican Prisoners Maghaberry.

Statement from the Family & Friends of Republican prisoners, Maghaberry on the recent assault of Brian Shivers

On Wednesday 15th February, terminally ill republican prisoner Brian Shivers was brutally assaulted by prison staff while attending Belfast City Hospital.

Brian was informed at lunch time that he had an appointment with his cystic fibrosis consultant and was taken from his cell to attend the appointment. He was forcibly strip searched before leaving Maghaberry and taken to Belfast City Hospital escorted by four screws. The prison van they were travelling in was followed by an RUC/PSNI Jeep with four RUC/PSNI personnel carrying rifles on-board.

When arriving at Belfast City Hospital they were met by other prison staff who had not travelled in the van. Brian was then escorted by eight or nine screws to an office to await his consultant's arrival. During the wait there were two screws present, one of whom was handcuffed to Brian.

While waiting on his consultant Brian asked the screws present if he could have his consultation in private and he was told abruptly “No, we wont be leaving here” Brian told them that there was not much point in the consultation if he couldn't speak to his consultant in private and pointed out that there was no windows and up to nine screws guarding him. At that point, one of the screws present elbowed Brian in the face and said: “that's it you are going back to Maghaberry.” Brian was then trailed to the ground by the same screw with such force that the other screw who was handcuffed to him was brought down as well. He was then viciously assaulted and dragged out of the hospital in full view of members of the public. Brian was in complete agony due to the brutality he received. Throughout the return journey, Brian suffered excruciating pain from a slipped disc which was aggravated by the assault.

When he arrived back at Maghaberry he was met by a Governor who took a note from him of all that had happened during the hospital visit. Brian asked for painkillers and informed him that he wanted to phone his solicitor. Brian was then told that he would be strip searched again. Already bruised and battered and in excruciating pain due to the assault, Brian was forcibly strip searched by six screws. As a consequence, Brian was left in the holding cell unable to move. He repeatedly asked for painkillers which he never received.

Brian was then joined in the holding cell by a fellow republican prisoner, Brendan McConville, who was returning from court. Brendan, alarmed on seeing the state Brian was in, demanded that Brian be returned immediately to the wing. However, his requests were ignored. They both waited for up to an hour and then with Brendan's assistance Brian was brought back to his cell.

Brian has been left with bruises on his face and body and his previous back injury has been severely aggravated. He has been left bed ridden and relies on assistance to move around. To add insult to injury, Brian has since been charged with assaulting the screw who instigated the attack.

The Family & Friends group refrained from commenting on this brutal attack to allow time for the full facts to emerge and to allow Brian's legal team to prepare a case against Maghaberry.

We utterly condemn this brutal attack on a terminally ill republican prisoner and call for all those involved to be held accountable. We demand assurances from Maghaberry and David Ford that Brian will be able to attend his many future hospital appointments without fear of a repeat of the brutality inflicted upon him by the thuggish screws employed by Maghaberry.

Mandy Duffy PRO
Family & Friends of Republican Prisoners Maghaberry.

Friday, 17 February 2012

20th Anniversary Weekend - Volunteers Peter Clancy, Barry O’Donnell, Sean O’Farrell & Patrick Vincent

A 20th Anniversary weekend of events from the 16th – 19th February in memory of Volunteers Peter Clancy, Barry O’Donnell, Sean O’Farrell and Patrick Vincent has been organised by the 1916 Societies.

Namely, the Eamonn Ceannt Society, Coalisland/Clonoe and the Thomas Clarke Society, Dungannon. Volunteers Peter Clancy, Barry O’Donnell, Sean O’Farrell and Patrick Vincent were executed by the SAS at Clonoe, 16th February 1992. They were Volunteers of the East Tyrone Brigade IRA. The weekend was launched at a very successful boxing tournament in Coalisland last Friday night.

The anniversary weekend of events starts on Thursday 16th with:

  • 6pm Candle lighting Vol Peter Clancy’s grave, 6.30 Vols Barry O’Donnell and Sean O’Farrell’s grave, 7pm torchlight procession from Edendork Hall to Vol Patrick Vincent’s grave, 7.30pm Anniversary mass for Patrick Vincent in Edendork Chapel. 
  • On Friday 17th Memories of Barry, Patrick, Peter and Sean – a night of stories, music and craic at 9pm in Clonoe Community Centre.
  • On Sat 18th there will be Wreath laying ceremonies at each of the Volunteers graves beginning at Clonoe 2pm, Coalisland 2.30pm and Edendork 3pm. That evening at 7.30pm there will be an Inquest Discussion in assoc. with Relatives for Justice, in the Cornmill, Coalisland. 
  • Then on Sunday 19th February the National Commemoration will take place from Clonoe to Coalisland, assemble at Clonoe at 2pm. Everyone is welcome though no party political emblems are to be carried. 
  • An exhibition on the four Volunteers will also be on show all weekend in the Cornmill, Coalisland. 
  • A commemorative DVD will be on sale that weekend. 

Barry, Patrick, Peter and Sean’s story is one that must be remembered, it is a story of bravery, friendship and commitment. Their belief in a free and united Ireland is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago. These four young men will always be remembered as Irish men who fought to remove the British occupation of their country and who made the ultimate sacrifice for Ireland

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Vigils Held in Solidarity with Palestinian Hunger Strikers

éirígí held vigils in Belfast and Newry yesterday [February 11] in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan.
Adnan has been on hunger strike since his arrest by Irsaeli military forces on 17th December 2011. He is protesting against being held in administrative detention – internment without charge or trial for up to six months, which can be repeated indefinitely. He is shackled to a bed and is being tortured and interrogated, and is also not permitted to wash or shower. Khader Adnan has now been joined on hunger strike by his comrades.
Belfast picket
Palestinian prisoners have for years experienced degrading treatment and humiliating conditions at the hands of the Israeli Prison Administration. Their friends and families on the outside have to also endure shameful treatment just to get to visit their loved ones, and sometimes even this can’t happen as detainees are routinely moved from one prison to another with little notice.
Speaking at the Newry vigil, éirígí’s Stephen Murney said, “The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called upon all Palestinian and international organisations and activists to join in a campaign of solidarity with the hunger striking prisoner and to launch protests and solidarity actions in support of Khader Adnan.
Newry vigil
“So here we are here today to show solidarity with our comrades in Palestine who are currently on hunger strike. We have deliberately picked this location, Ray McCreesh Park, for obvious reasons. Over thirty years ago Raymond McCreesh and his comrades also embarked on hunger strike and paid the ultimate sacrifice in doing so.”
Murney continued, “Unsurprisingly the PSNI made a very deliberate and obvious decision that they would target today’s vigil and those taking part in it. This morning, several hours before the vigil, I was stopped and searched in the Derrybeg estate by the PSNI. I was searched for ammunition, wireless apparatus and transmitters, they then attempted, unsuccessfully, to question me about the vigil we would be having. The zionists would be proud of the actions of this militia today.
Belfast picket
“éirígí will continue with our local, national and international campaigns. Internationalism and internationalist solidarity have always been a central theme of Irish republicanism. éirígí understands that now, more than ever, the struggle for an Ireland free of the twin fetters of capitalism and imperialism is integrally linked to the wider international struggle of the poor and oppressed against the rich and powerful.
“For this reason éirígí is committed to building links with progressive organisations and individuals internationally as well as assisting various solidarity campaigns based in Ireland.”

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Video - Colin Duffy Speaks on Maghaberry Protest

Recently released republican prisoner Colin Duffy speaks about his experience on the prison protest in Maghaberry Jail at a press conference in West Belfast.

He describes in detail what a forced strip search entails and answers various questions. He also explains the failures of the establishment parties to put pressure on the British Justice minister to resolve the crisis

A must for anyone interested in hearing a first hand account

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Davy Hyland Slams Ongoing Internment and Mistreatment of Republican Prisoners

Independent republican Councillor for Newry & Mourne, Davy Hyland, has spoken out against the internment and brutalisation of republican prisoners currently being held in Maghaberry.

Davy said “There are a number of republicans being held in Maghaberry including Marian Price, Martin Corey and Gerry McGeough. On top of being unjustly held captive some republican prisoners are not receiving the adequate medical treatment they require.

“Marian Price is apparently being held because her license was revoked by the British secretary of state, yet she was never released on license.

“Marian was granted a pardon due to ill health following a lengthy hunger strike and subsequent force feeding during the 1970s. Today she now finds herself being held in solitary confinement in an all-male prison.

“Another republican prisoner, Martin Corey, is currently interned after his licence was also revoked by the British secretary of state. Martin Corey was released from Long Kesh in 1992 after spending 19 years in prison. In 2010 he was arrested, imprisoned and charged without trial.

“Gerry McGeough is in bad health with a heart condition and for him to be in prison on charges dating back to the 80s is ridiculous. It’s clear that Gerry isn’t getting the proper medical treatment which must be of grave concern for Gerry and his family.

Davy continued “It’s clear that republican ex-prisoners have a sword hanging over their heads and if they speak out against British occupation or if they don’t toe the line they will find themselves being returned to prison.

“Colin Duffy’s case is a perfect example of this. Colin was very vocal against the current establishment, and made no secret of his strong republican beliefs. Next thing he found himself arrested charged and imprisoned. Recently we saw Colin Duffy walking from Antrim court a free man. Colin was incarcerated in Maghaberry for almost 3 years on remand, this is a clear example of internment.

“To make matters worse we have the ongoing protest in Maghaberry against controlled movement and forced strip searches. The recent images of republican prisoners sporting long beards and long hair has brought the reality and seriousness of the situation home to many people. It’s an image we thought we would never see again. Ten men gave their lives in 1981 so that today’s republican prisoners would not have to suffer the same treatment they endured.

“Some Stormont politicians claim to be concerned about such cases yet they don’t seem to be doing anything about it except issuing the odd vague statement, despite the fact that some of them were once held captive by the British state, they clearly have short memories. They are the ones who gave David Ford the job of Justice Minister, they put him in the position, so they have a lot to answer for.

“The Stormont politicians regularly harp on about leaving “the bad old days” behind us. Yet it’s clear that for republicans the bad old days have never went away.

“The fact that a British secretary of state, Owen Paterson, can revoke licenses as he pleases is proof who really holds power.

Cllr Hyland concluded by saying “As an elected representative, I personally call for an end to the torture and brutality of republican prisoners and for the full implementation of the August 2010 agreement which would bring this crisis to an end. The BOSS chair is already in Maghaberry so why aren’t they using it if the technology is there?

“If those in Stormont are really opposed to these injustices then they should walk out of the puppet assembly and join the numerous picket lines and rallies against these injustices that are constantly taking place.”