Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sam Marshall Commemoration, 7th March

20 Years on
Time for Truth-Time for Justice

Twenty years ago on the night of the 7th of March, 1990, Sam Marshall was shot dead when he, Colin Duffy and Tony McCaughey were coming home from Lurgan's RUC barracks, where they had to sign as part of their bail conditions. the shooting took place within a short distance of the RUC barracks. The three were followed to the barracks by a red Maestro and ambushed on their way home.

A channel Four Dispatches TV documentary broadcast in 1991, revealed that a British military surveillance camera was found facing the home of one of the men who had been with Sam Marshall when he was murdered.

In 1994 during an extradition hearing in America, RUC inspector Alan Clegg, admitted that one of the unmarked cars in the area at the time of the murder, the red Maestro KJII 486 was in fact an undercover surveillance vehicle which belonged to the "intelligence services", Clegg refused to divulge any further information to the US court on the grounds of "British national security".

Twenty Years on, the role of the RUC/PSNI Special Branch and British Military Intelligence in the murder of Sam Marshall still remains hidden by the British Government.
Literally scores of people died in the Murder Triangle around North Armagh and South-East Tyrone, as a result of the collusion and outright co-operation which took place between British Forces and loyalist death squads. Collusion was not just the result of a few bad apples.
Collusion was part of an overall strategic plan on the part of those within the RUC, the intelligence services and certain parts of the British political establishment.
The issue of collusion refuses to fade away. The full truth of why their loved ones died is the least that relatives and survivors are entitled to.
It is time that the British government permitted the spotlight of truth to be shone on all of those cases.
Support the parade and rally organised by the family of Sam Marshall to mark the 20th anniversary of his murder on March 7th 1990.

Assemble at Deeny Drive/Levin road in Kilwilkie Lurgan at 2.30pm on Sunday 7th March and parade to Kilmaine street where Sam was murdered.

British Embassy Protest a Huge Success

Republican Dublin Says No to the PSNI

On Saturday (February 27), more than 70 republican activists braved the freezing weather to attend an éirígí anti-PSNI protest at the British embassy, in Dublin.

The event, which was organised as part of éirígí's recently launched Different Name, Same Aim campaign, gave republicans from Dublin and the surrounding areas the opportunity to voice their opposition to Britain’s paramilitary police force.

Protesters held a variety of placards and banners containing messages such as ‘Plastic Bullets Kill’, ‘No to Internment – No to 28 Day Detention’, ‘Stop PSNI Harassment – Smash Section 44 Now’ and ‘Britain Out of Ireland – Saoirse Anois’.

Speaking at the demonstration éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson said: “The PSNI has gone into overdrive with the use of its repressive tactics in recent times. Last year alone, 28,420 people in the Six Counties were stopped & searched by the PSNI under repressive legislation.

“Despite the fact that this legislation was declared unlawful by the European Court of Human Rights in January this year, the PSNI has continued using it; harassing political activists, community workers, sports people and even school children on a daily basis.

“Meanwhile, the force continues to use plastic bullets, CS gas and Tasers on a regular basis, while remaining routinely armed with pistols and assault rifles and working hand-in-glove with the British army and MI5.

“These are not the actions of a depoliticised, civic police service, they are the ways of a sectarian paramilitary force – they are the ways of the RUC.”

Leeson continued: “It is also important to recognise that the PSNI will not be fundamentally altered by the devolution of limited policing & justice powers to the Stormont administration, if it ever happens.

“The British government has prepared for this eventuality by stating that, in matters relating to what it calls ‘national security, the PSNI will not be accountable to a Six County justice minister, it will be accountable to the British secretary of state.

“The British government is retaining its control over the PSNI, ensuring it will continue to be the frontline of the occupation. Republicans, socialists and democrats must oppose this force.

“Over the coming months éirígí will be stepping up its opposition to the PSNI and British rule in Ireland, both in the occupied Six Counties and here in the Twenty-Six Counties. We would encourage anyone who agrees with our analysis to put their shoulder to that wheel and join us in rebuilding popular resistance to the occupation.”

If you are interested in joining or helping éirígí in Dublin, or anywhere in Ireland, please:

Phone: 00353 (0) 86 236 72 98

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Micro-Vigil to Condemn Republicans

On Friday night anti-Republicans called on the people of Newry to come out in force and show their disgust at the recent act of resistance by attending a vigil at Newry Town Hall.

Coincidentally i was driving past the Town Hall on my way home from work at the same time. I was quite amused to see that there were roughly 20 people standing awkwardly in the street.

The media outlets didn't help the embarrassing turnout either, UTV tried to save a bit of face by saying that 100 people turned up while BBC reported that 30 had turned up. Quite a contradiction isn't it?. The news footage that was also shown didn't do them any favours either.

This irrelevant micro-group had every right to peacefully protest on Friday night but it seems the call for people to come out in force was ignored.

So where were all the outraged decent citizens of Newry?

We'll let people make their own minds up

Thursday, 25 February 2010

More Evidence of the RUC/PSNI Being Unaccountable

At a recent DPP meeting in Derry former Republicans called for stop and search powers to be "suspended".

The motion was carried after a private vote in which Provisional Sinn Fein were in favour, the SDLP abstained, Unionists opposed and independents were split.

The Political Police have so far ignored this motion from the body that is supposedly there to hold them to account, so what does that tell us? Well it tells us what we already know, that the RUC/PSNI is an unaccountable force (or farce might be more suitable).

Now firstly i would like to know how long they want them "suspended" for and why did the irrelevants not demand for these illegal powers to be scrapped completely?

There are numerous examples on this blog which prove they are not accountable to anyone.

The British police have a stockpile of 50,000 lethal plastic bullets, PSF are apparently opposed to these but what have they done about it? They haven't done anything because they can't hold them to account.

They introduced lethal taser stun guns, PSF are also apparently opposed to these but what have they done about it? Not a thing, they voiced their opposition but the cops introduced them anyway.

They opened fire on men, women and children in Ardoyne last summer injuring several residents, how were they held to account for this? They weren't.

The irrelevants tell us to use the DPPs and support them, and if we have any concerns we should attend the meetings and raise our concerns. What is the point in that when the RUC/PSNI refuse to answer questions asked at these toothless meetings? This was proven at a DPP meeting in South Down when a former Republican asked a few basic questions and the senior cop refused to answer them.

I still don't understand why the irrelevants called for stop and search powers to be merely "suspended". How long do they want them "suspended" for?

And the SDLP should also be ashamed of themselves for not even opposing it even though it was deemed illegal by the Human Rights Court. School children have been victims of these draconian tactics, do the SDLP not oppose the abuse of human rights and child abuse?

Even if this motion was successful and the powers were "suspended" it wouldn't be good enough, these powers are illegal and should be completely done away with along with the British police.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Republican Activism in Newry

In recent times, Republican socialist group, éirígí have been showing increasing signs of activism in the Newry area. Although i myself am not a member of éirígí i have several comrades who are active with them.

Since their formation they have made great strides and have recruited many prominent republicans including former combatants and ex-POWs.

Bear in mind that they started off in 2006 with just 6 members in Dublin, today they have activists, supporters and ciorcal established all over Ireland including Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Tipperary, Sligo, Donegal, Belfast, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Armagh, Strabane, Lurgan, Portadown, Derry, Wexford and Waterford, Killkenny, Westmeath, Meath, Louth, Monaghan, Mayo they also have a presence in Scotland, and now they are active in Newry.

That is a massive achievement for this group and its very clear that they are doing something right.

They have also been involved in numerous political campaigns including:
  • Reclaim the Republic campaign,
  • Imperialists Out of Ireland,
  • British Withdrawal Campaign,
  • We Only Want The Earth campaign,
  • Bring Home Noel Maguire,
  • Repatriate Aiden Hulme campaign,
 and more recently the Different Name, Same Aim campaign which has recently reached Republican Newry.

 They have also organised several high profile protests such as the RIR protest and the Armed Forces day protest both of which brought hundreds of Republicans onto the streets in defiance of the British Army and the British Police.

 It's interesting to note that at the minute they are the only Republican group in Newry (that i'm aware of) who are actively opposing, exposing and highlighting British Occupation and British Policing in Ireland.

 Their 1st example of activism in the area was in December when they highlighted British Occupation. Since then they have now launched the Different Name, Same Aim campaign which focuses on highlighting the unchanged nature of the Political Police, also known as RUC/PSNI. The activists started of with erecting banners in various place across Newry and have now distributed thousands of leaflets in several estates with more areas to be covered in the coming days.

From speaking to the activists involved, this campaign is currently proving very successful and the response from people in these communities has been very positive with many people now taking a keen interest in the group.

I look forward to the weeks and months ahead and i can see éirígí making great strides in the Newry area.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Harassment of Republicans continues in Newry

Due to a recent upsurge in RUC harassment of Republicans in Newry, the PRO of the Joe Conway/Brendan Watters Cumann, Sinn Féin Poblachtach, Newry, Co Down issued the following statement:

“Following on from the recent harassment and intimidation of RSF members and their friends in the Newry/South down area, it has come to our attention that yet again a well-known Newry Republican was pulled in by the British colonial police on the Millvale Road just outside Newry on Thursday, February 18.

“When the RUC member approached the car the driver was alerted to the fact that the man was in civilian clothes. He introduced himself as a member of special branch and spoke to the driver who he knew by his first name.

“The driver immediately asked was he under arrest in which the RUC man answered no we would just like to arrange a meeting with you. The driver then told him to f##k off and that if he wasn’t under arrest then he was ringing his solicitor.

“No need for that ***** we know your under pressure [again calling him by his first name]we also know that your wife hasn’t been to well. All we are looking for is for you to provide us with information on certain Republicans that you hang around with.

“They were particularly interested in an ex-Republican POW from Newry who they kept mentioning a lot. As this kept going on for roughly another ten minutes the driver then proceeded to ring his solicitor with the cop reminding him that he would be back in touch as he left.

“We in RSF in Newry are seeing a worrying trend here in that this is becoming a regular occurrence against our members/family/and supporters of the Republican movement in the Newry/Southdown area.

“They are now using personal things like wives/girlfriends/family sickness to get at people as if to say we know everything.

“We would urge our members/supporters, and indeed the general public, that if you are approached by these forces of the crown to report it straight away to your legal representative and to your local RSF Cumann. This comes right on the backdrop of all that is happening with regard to policing and justice. We must warn the public that those up in Stormont will have no power in what MI5 and Special Branch does.

“One final observation we would like to point out is that anyone involved in spying or informing on the Republican movement will ultimately be given up by their British pay masters as history has shown us how these faceless forces operate so take heed and tell the RUC Special Branch in no uncertain terms that you would not become an informer - your life is worth more.”

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Republican Newry Says No to the RUC/PSNI

With the Six County establishment parties scrambling desperately to secure their shady deal on the PSNI and sectarian marches, éirígí’s Different Name, Same Aim campaign reached Newry during the week.

éirígí activists in the city unveiled a number of banners proclaiming British Police Out of Ireland and RUC-PSNI: Different Name, Same Aim on Camloch Road, Derrybeg and Ray McCreesh Park in Patrick Street. More banners are to be erected in the area in the coming weeks, while thousands of leaflets will be distributed highlighting the unchanged paramilitary nature of the PSNI.

éirígí general secretary Breandán Mac Cionnaith said: “éirígí will be rolling its Different Name, Same Aim campaign out across the Six Counties in the coming weeks. Our activists in Newry will undoubtedly play a prominent role in this campaign and they are to be commended for getting the message out that republican Newry is implacably opposed to the activities and existence of the PSNI.

“The PSNI is an irreformable, paramilitary, sectarian force that has, as its primary objective, the protection of the British occupation. The devolution of limited policing and justice powers to Britain’s Stormont administration, if it ever happens, will not alter this reality.

“Even after devolution, the head of the PSNI would still be accountable to the British secretary of state in matters relating to what is euphemistically ‘national security’, but what is, in fact, the interests of the British state in Ireland. The PSNI would still work hand-in-glove with MI5 and the British army and protect the profits of the business class.

“This is why éirígí is making the battle against the political police a key part of its campaign for a British withdrawal from occupied Ireland.”

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Anti-PSNI Protest – British Embassy, Dublin, February 27

As part of its recently launched ‘Different Name – Same Aim’ campaign éirígí is to hold an anti-PSNI protest outside of the British Embassy in Dublin at 2pm on Saturday, February 27th. The protest follows on the back of a similar protest in west Belfast on Monday last (February 8) which was attended by more than fifty people. (Opposing British Repression)

Over the last couple of years éirígí has regularly organised protests outside of the massive British embassy in Dublin. In August 2008 (Britain Challenged on the Streets – End 42-Day Detention!), March 2009 (Death Squads Out of Ireland) and August 2009 (Internment Anniversary Marked in Dublin and Enniskillen) dozens of people attended protests in opposition to 42-day detention, the deployment of British Army ‘special forces’ in Ireland and the continued use of plastic bullets respectively.

Speaking before the upcoming protest éirígí spokesperson Daithí Mac An Mháistír said, “Over the last few months the establishment political parties along with the Dublin and London governments, have attempted to present the so called transfer of justice and policing as the final piece in the jigsaw of a normalised Six Counties. But ever greater numbers of people are coming to the conclusion that this transfer is nothing more then a publicity stunt designed to boost the credibility of the PSNI.

“With the launch of our ‘Different Name, Same Aim’ campaign we in éirígí are highlighting the fundamentally irreformable nature of British policing in Ireland. It deploys draconian tactics, in the form of 28-day detention, Section 44 harassment, the firing of plastic bullets and so forth, in the vain hope that it can succeed where its predecessor organisations in the RUC and RIC failed.

“The British embassy in Dublin has been the scene of many hundreds of protests over the years, protest of all sizes on a wide variety of issues related to the British occupation. For people in the Twenty-Six Counties the building represents a very real manifestation of British interference in Ireland. I would encourage anyone who is opposed to British rule and the paramilitary PSNI to come along to the protest.”

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Stop & Search Figures Double in Five Years

éirígí general secretary Breandán Mac Cionnaith has said the doubling of stop & search incidents in the Six Counties in the space of five years is evidence of the continuing political role of the PSNI.

According to figures released yesterday [Tuesday], the PSNI stopped and searched 28,420 people under so-called ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation in 2009. The figure for 2004 was just over 14,000.

24,541 of those detained last year were stopped under Section 44 of the British government’s ‘Terrorism Act’, a piece of legislation that was declared unlawful by the European Court of Human Rights last month.

Mac Cionnaith said: “The PSNI is a politically-motivated paramilitary force, the figures on stop and search incidents from last year highlight this fact. The doubling of the number of incidents since 2004 demonstrates that, not only has the PSNI not become more acceptable or less politically motivated, it has actually gone into overdrive in its attempts to protect the British occupation.

“The British government, the PSNI and its local cheerleaders in the Six County establishment parties have all ignored the recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and continued as if it is business as usual in their daily work of solidifying partition and British rule.”

Mac Cionnaith continued: “The PSNI and the repressive legislation it is using on a daily basis need to be actively opposed; that is the only way that human rights abuses can be curbed and, ultimately, ended.

“éirígí will be escalating its campaign against the British government’s political police and their harassment of the nationalist and republican community in the coming weeks.”

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

RNU - End British Policing in Ireland Protest 13th Feb

Those in the corridors of power, such as the British government, Stormont, and Leinster house, tell us there is a new dawn of peace and hope now in 'Northern Ireland'. They have conjured up lies stating, that the bad old days of the RUC and B-specials are long gone and that there is a police force in place that is 'accountable' to the people of the 6 counties, try telling that to those who endure endless raids, arrests, intimidation and harassment by the 'PSNI'.

Then there are those who once stood against British policing in Ireland who now seem to be under the illusion that, to end British rule they must administer it, dancing to the tune of the piper and accept whatever deal comes their way. Many of those in the Nationalist Community feel abandoned by these actions and left without a proper voice or support that was once there.

The Republican Network for Unity oppose British policing in Ireland, and call on all republicans, socialists, anti-imperialists and all those who believe in protecting human rights and civil liberties to unite and stand against British tyranny.

Republican Network for Unity will be launching a campaign in the 26 counties to oppose British policing and persecution in the 6 counties, and call on ALL groups and individuals to join us in this campaign.

On Saturday the 13th of February at 3pm, the Republican Network for Unity will be hosting an anti-British policing protest at the GPO on Dublin's O'Connell Street. The purpose of the protest is to highlight the ongoing suppression of the people in the 6 counties to the public in the 26 counties who are mainly unaware of the situation in the North of Ireland. We aim to show the 26 county establishment that there are those who will not accept the harassment and victimisation of their fellow countrymen who are only less then 3 hours up the road,.

We implore All groups and anyone who can make it, to attend the protest which is of the utmost importance so please do so. Banners, flags, placards all welcome.





Monday, 8 February 2010

éirígí Activists Targetted By British Militia

As reported previously on this site, an average of 100 nationalists are being stopped & searched every day of every week by the PSNI under repressive legislation.

Last year alone, at least 20,000 people were harassed by Britain’s political police under Section 44 of the ‘Anti-Terrorism Act’ and the Justice & Security Act 2007.

éirígí activists have been among those targeted by the PSNI using these pieces of foreign legislation
Yesterday [Saturday], just one day after an alleged new dawn in British policing in Ireland was declared, it was business as usual for the PSNI in west Belfast.

Four éirígí activists were detained in the Beechmount area by the political police using the now notorious Section 44 and Justice & Security Act legislation. The car that three of the men were travelling in was boxed in by two armoured jeeps before the vehicle and its occupants were searched by the paramilitary police. Initially, the PSNI claimed they were detaining the men under road traffic legislation, yet, when the driver produced all the necessary documentation, Section 44 came into play.

When John McCusker, the chairperson of one éirígí ciorcal in Belfast, arrived on the scene in support of the activists, he too was detained, searched and had his mobile phone seized on the spurious grounds that it was being used to “gather information likely to be of use to terrorists”.

The éirígí activists in question, including national vice-chairperson Rab Jackson, had just hung large anti-PSNI banners on the Falls and Springfield Roads prior to being stopped and searched. The text of the banners read RUC- PSNI: Different Name, Same Aim and British Police Out Of Ireland.

As the PSNI were leaving the scene, the officer in charge admitted that, far from investigating any ‘terrorist’ incident, the activists were actually detained for hanging banners critical of the force.

In response to the increased use of repressive legislation against the nationalist community and the harassment of its activists, éirígí has called a demonstration at the Andersonstown Barracks site in Belfast on Monday night at 6pm.

One of the banners erected by éirígí activists
Speaking after the incident, John McCusker said: “The PSNI’s actions on Saturday morning were a prime example of what is wrong with British policing in Ireland. Using so-called anti-terror legislation to attempt to prevent people putting up banners exposes the deeply abnormal nature of British policing in the Six Counties. The fact that the PSNI have used Section 44 and similar legislation on at least 20,000 occasions in the last 12 months further illustrates that abnormality.

“The banners that were erected were designed to highlight the fact that, despite the change of name, the primary aim of the PSNI is exactly the same as the primary aim of the RUC – to protect the British occupation of the Six Counties. Ironically the actions of the PSNI this morning proved just that point. The type of heavy-handed political policing that we were subjected to is exactly the type of thing the RUC were infamous for.

“éirígí intends to step up its campaign against the PSNI over the coming weeks and months. Incidents like Saturday’s only increase our resolve to expose the unchanged nature of the PSNI. We are appealing for as many people as possible to join the protest in Andersonstown on Monday to demonstrate that nationalists and republicans won’t be intimidated by Britain’s police force in Ireland.”

Friday, 5 February 2010

RUC/PSNI- Different Name, Same Aim

A New Beginning?

In November 2001, amid much fanfare, the British government re-branded the discredited Royal Ulster Constabulary with a new name, the Police Service of Northern Ireland. With the new name, the occupying power promised ‘a new beginning’ to policing in the Six Counties.

Almost a decade later, it is now abundantly clear that, instead of delivering a ‘new beginning’, the PSNI has simply continued with the same failed anti-working class and anti-republican agenda of the RUC and Royal Irish Constabulary before them. The lie of ‘community-based’ policing has been exposed by the reality of increased draconian legislation, harassment and brutality.

Since its conception the PSNI has:

•Introduced 28-day detention to the Six Counties.

•Introduced Taser stun guns to the Six Counties.

•Introduced CS gas spray to the Six Counties.

•Fired plastic bullets at unarmed civilians and stockpiled more than 50,000 of these lethal projectiles.

•Updated its vast arsenal of weapons including automatic assault rifles and heavily armoured vehicles.

•Expanded the already extensive network of ‘big brother’ style cameras and other surveillance equipment.

•Ignored the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights by continuing to use ‘Section 44’ for unlawful ‘stop and searches’. In 2009 the PSNI carried out more than 20,000 ‘stop and searches’, almost exclusively against republicans.Flouted EU law by retaining DNA samples and fingerprints of thousands of innocent people, including children.

•Regularly suppressed legitimate peaceful political protests.

•Worked hand in glove with both the British army and M15, acting as the local ‘eyes and ears’ of the British state in the occupied Six Counties.

Different Name – Same Aim

Throughout history, Britain has deployed a wide range of tactics to maintain its occupation of Ireland. Coercion, negotiation, bribery, betrayal and blackmail have all been used at various times by the British state to suppress the right of the Irish people to self-determination.

Regardless of these differing tactics, however, one element of British strategy in Ireland has remained constant for centuries – that of the locally recruited militia. From the Yeomanry of the 18th Century, to the Ulster Defence Regiment of the 20th Century to the paramilitary PSNI of this century, the objective of these forces remains unchanged.

Despite the new name and the change of uniform the primary aim of the PSNI remains the same as the RUC, RIC and B-Specials before it. That aim? To protect the British state and British interests in Ireland.

Front Line Force

The British government and its allies in Ireland continuously claim that the PSNI is a normal police service for a normal state. Nothing could be further from the truth. The PSNI is just the frontline force of Britain’s ‘Axis of Evil’ in Ireland, with the British army and MI5 forming the other two elements of Britain’s tripartite of occupation forces in Ireland – with the British Army and the MI5 forming the other two elements.

British Army

In 2009, the PSNI confirmed that the British army’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment was active in the Six Counties. The SSR – which is closely linked to the notorious SAS – is only part of the ‘permanent garrison’ of 5,000 British combat troops based in Ireland. These troops, and further reinforcements from Britain, can be rapidly deployed onto Irish streets and into Irish fields should the British government decide to do so. These troops answer directly to the British prime minister, not Stormont.


In 2007, MI5 took the lead role in gathering ‘national security intelligence’ [i.e. protecting the interests of the British state] in Ireland, a role which had previously been held by the PSNI. In the same year, the largest MI5 facility outside of its London headquarters opened in the grounds of the British army’s Palace Barracks on the outskirts of Belfast. Whilst shrouded in secrecy, it is believed that this facility alone can cater for more than 400 MI5 operatives.

At a cost of £20 million [€25 million], this massive building bears testament to Britain’s long term intentions in Ireland. And, just like the PSNI and the British army, M15 takes its orders from 10 Downing Street, not Stormont.

‘Transfer of Powers’ Will Change Nothing

On February 5th 2010 the British government announced its intention to transfer ‘policing and justice’ powers to Stormont. Even if this transfer were to occur it will affect neither the function of the form of the PSNI.

The PSNI will remain a British police force, enforcing British law in support of the British ‘justice’ system. Like police forces across the capitalist world its primary aim will remain the protection of the state and the interests of the ruling class; interests which run in direct contradiction to the interests of the working class.

éirígí understands there can be no meaningful ‘reform’ of British policing in Ireland, just as there can be no meaningful ‘reform’ of policing within the capitalist Twenty-Six County state. It is only through the restoration of national democracy and through the equitable redistribution of power and wealth that the long-term solutions to the issues of crime, policing and justice in Ireland can be found.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Maghaberry Visitors Subjected to Strip Searches


I was speaking to the family of a Republican prisoner recently and they told me that on Saturday 30th January Republicans visiting political prisoners in Maghaberry were subjected to rigorous strip searches. A woman was strip searched before visiting a Republican prisoner and a man was strip searched even though he was refused to have his visit. Sniffer dogs were also present along with 4 members of the RUC/PSNI.

The week before this another woman who was visiting a Republican prisoner was also strip searched.

Yesterday, 3rd February, another visitor was strip searched and again the RUC/PSNI along with a sniffer dog were present.

Not only are the occupying forces criminalising our prisoners and the struggle they are also trying to humiliate and degrade the Republicans who are visiting them.

It almost looks as if the British establishment is trying to put people off visiting their loved ones in an attempt to try and demoralise the prisoners

The families of the prisoners have to suffer enough as it is without having to endure this whenever they visit their loved ones.

I call on every Republican, regardless of which group they belong to, to unite and speak out against these disgraceful, disgusting acts.

Having members of the public humiliated and degraded in this way needs to be highlighted, we won't hear about these things on the BBC or UTV or any of the papers so it's up to us to highlight it and let the people know what is happening.

I also call on anyone who own blogs or websites to also post this article and spread the word

Newry Republicans will stand by the prisoners and their families and will do all in our power to help highlight, expose and oppose these injustices

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

An open appeal to all Republicans from Ms Cahill

I have been asked by a comrade of mine, Ms Cahill, to post the following appeal from her on my blog.

Over the last number of weeks, there have been several allegations circulating – alleged to have been perpetrated by members of the Republican Movement.

There has been mixed reaction to this within the Republican Community, but particularly those within the Provisional republican movement, and those within Sinn Fein Circles. This reaction ranges from outright disgust, horror, condemnation, to the very damaging “turn a blind eye and say nothing” approach. There are obviously people understandably angry as a result – not least the victims. There is a lot of hurt within this community also, hurt which has been compounded by recent contradictions, mistruths, outright denials and certain media spin, which has the potential to deflect away from the real issue – the alleged cover up of paedophilia within certain quarters. Whatever that hurt, there are also families hurting too, people who are trying to come to terms with their lives right across this island, and trying to deal with the fact that members of these families were abused.

There are also parents, rightly angry and worried about their children. People are now backtracking through the years, wondering if their children have come into contact with perpetrators - and they are also rightly questioning if they trust the people they know now. This is a massive issue, and it is a disgrace that alleged child abusers have had free reign to have access to other children. Collectively, we now know more about the issue of sex offenders and reoffending rates. It is likely that perpetrators do not rehabilitate by just simply moving on somewhere else. We know as republicans of a number of cases being discussed at present – is this just the tip of the iceberg? How many more children have been put at risk as a result of mishandling, and in some cases planned facilitation of moving people around the country?

I also want to make it clear, paedophilia is not restricted to members of the Republican Movement. Unfortunately, paedophiles ingratiate themselves in all walks of life. In some instances they are our relatives, friends, priests, professionals, community and youth workers, lawyers, teachers, doctors – the list is endless. No one is blaming the republican movement for members of that movement who inflicted sexual abuse on others.

The blame, however is rightly centred around how the republican movement dealt with the issue, in several cases. It is clear from these cases that not once did the people involved either in so called investigating or in listening, directly report to any of the authorities. They also retraumatised victims of sexual abuse by either their chosen action, or inaction. It is also abundantly clear, for anyone who wishes to take the blinkers off, that paedophiles have been able to move around the country and further afield. In some cases they continued to masquerade as republicans, which in turn afforded them protection, or at the very least a degree of trust, which then also in turn made it easier for them to do what they did, unchecked. That is disgraceful, and brings a deep sense of shame on anyone who continues to support the republican ideology. The fault for this lies squarely with those in positions of power who espoused themselves as the epitome of republicanism, individuals who were looked up to by some, and who now feel tarnished by that association.

There are people out there now who have knowledge in different parts of Ireland on similar allegations of sexual abuse. Are you one of them? There are also people who have heard things on the grapevine about similar alleged cover-ups. Again, does this apply to you?

By not speaking out, you allow yourself to become complicit in the same alleged collective cover-up. I am appealing directly to all republicans from all persuasions to tell what you know. No perpetrator should be allowed to continue to abuse. No movement should give them succour by shielding them. And no republican should sit on the fence on this issue, waiting on other victims to come forward in the hope that the full story should start to emerge.

Be proactive. Do not continue with the legacy of silence. Out all the cases of child and adult sexual abuse. Highlight any suspicion, or knowledge of cover ups. Do this through whatever channel is comfortable for you. An email has been set up, by myself to deal with this issue. If this is an avenue you feel comfortable with using, use it.

I also want to directly appeal to those still within Sinn Fein. I am aware that some of you refuse to believe that this happened at all. People will make up their own minds on the issue. However, as a human, there has to be a shadow of doubt in your mind. Ask the hard questions, and demand an answer. If you are not happy, demand again. No one can afford to put politics over the safety of children. As a human being, you cannot afford to stay silent on this issue. Do the right thing.


Is mise le meas

******* Cahill

Monday, 1 February 2010

Bloody Sunday 2010

Yesterday marked the 38th anniversary of the Bloody Massacre in Derry in which 14 Irishmen were shot dead by the British Paratroop Regiment of the British Army, the same army that still has 5000 troops in Occupied Ireland. Despite the bad weather thousands of people from all backgrounds and nationalities came together to demand justice.

Along the route of the commemoration there were many signs, banners and billboards highlighting many other injustices such as, political policing, justice for Óglach John Brady, Internment, the release of Colin Duffy and Terry McCafferty and British Occupation.

For nearly 4 decades the families have been seeking justice and they have been met with constant stumbling blocks at every turn. One thing that was mentioned was the fact that when the inquiry get published it will be sent straight to the British Government who will then take out the bits that suit them. Then weeks, maybe months afterwards the families will get to see it. A family member of each victim took to the platform to say a few words about their relative which was very moving. This was followed by a minutes silence in memory of those who died.

One thing that was very noticeable was that when Deputy British Minister Martin McGuinness took to the platform a mass of people turned their backs and silently walked away, a few years ago most of those people would have hung on his every word. This left just a few people left to listen to Martin. One Tyrone Republican summed it up by saying "When British minister Martin Mc Guinness came to the podium to speak we witnessed the greatest statement the Republican people of Ireland could make. A massive block of the parade IRSP, RNU, 32s, Eirigi, independents and various international groups simply turned their backs and walked away, they left British minister Martin Mc Guinness preaching his party’s agenda to only the deluded faithful."

Personally i think politics should be kept out of the Bloody Sunday commemoration. I believe that only speech made should be made by the families. Do people really think that Republicans are going to stand there and listen to a man who calls Republicans traitors?

The purpose of the commemoration is to stand in solidarity and listen to the families not to listen to someone who wants to implement British policing in Ireland

Hopefully the families will the justice they have been seeking for all these years and hopefully the terrorists responsible will be dealt with.