Saturday, 27 February 2010

Micro-Vigil to Condemn Republicans

On Friday night anti-Republicans called on the people of Newry to come out in force and show their disgust at the recent act of resistance by attending a vigil at Newry Town Hall.

Coincidentally i was driving past the Town Hall on my way home from work at the same time. I was quite amused to see that there were roughly 20 people standing awkwardly in the street.

The media outlets didn't help the embarrassing turnout either, UTV tried to save a bit of face by saying that 100 people turned up while BBC reported that 30 had turned up. Quite a contradiction isn't it?. The news footage that was also shown didn't do them any favours either.

This irrelevant micro-group had every right to peacefully protest on Friday night but it seems the call for people to come out in force was ignored.

So where were all the outraged decent citizens of Newry?

We'll let people make their own minds up


  1. This is a great post. It just goes to show that the media was hoping for the big turnout against republicans lol then they try to twist it around and say more people were there when there wasn't lol just typical of the media....nothing changes there. I am glad you pointed this out.

  2. Perhaps they were scared that they might get blown up...!

  3. You`re right Keith who could blame them, especially as the security services appear intent on turning anything that non diluted Republicans do into another Omagh.
    5 minutes after a carbomb explodes the traffic flow (still not diverted)continues regardless to the possability of a follow up explosion.
    Members of the public being asked to go and check out suspect devices.
    Community workers being sent to check the body of a deceased person ( unwittingly human gunie pigs)is not booby trapped.
    So transparent that they actually want this type of proceedure to become the norm.
    Then the ball is firmly at their foot again.

  4. ********* it was organised by the stoops what ddi ya expect? the bombing was stupid, there is no desire war it can be finished by politics.

  5. In response to the above post, the name you mentioned is not the name of the person who runs this blog therefore i have removed it.

    Secondly i agree with the rest of your post 100%. There is no desire for war, that has been noted several times on this blog and yes it can be finished by politics which is why i look forward to the Republican Movement being rebuilt.

    Thanks for your contribution

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