Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sam Marshall Commemoration, 7th March

20 Years on
Time for Truth-Time for Justice

Twenty years ago on the night of the 7th of March, 1990, Sam Marshall was shot dead when he, Colin Duffy and Tony McCaughey were coming home from Lurgan's RUC barracks, where they had to sign as part of their bail conditions. the shooting took place within a short distance of the RUC barracks. The three were followed to the barracks by a red Maestro and ambushed on their way home.

A channel Four Dispatches TV documentary broadcast in 1991, revealed that a British military surveillance camera was found facing the home of one of the men who had been with Sam Marshall when he was murdered.

In 1994 during an extradition hearing in America, RUC inspector Alan Clegg, admitted that one of the unmarked cars in the area at the time of the murder, the red Maestro KJII 486 was in fact an undercover surveillance vehicle which belonged to the "intelligence services", Clegg refused to divulge any further information to the US court on the grounds of "British national security".

Twenty Years on, the role of the RUC/PSNI Special Branch and British Military Intelligence in the murder of Sam Marshall still remains hidden by the British Government.
Literally scores of people died in the Murder Triangle around North Armagh and South-East Tyrone, as a result of the collusion and outright co-operation which took place between British Forces and loyalist death squads. Collusion was not just the result of a few bad apples.
Collusion was part of an overall strategic plan on the part of those within the RUC, the intelligence services and certain parts of the British political establishment.
The issue of collusion refuses to fade away. The full truth of why their loved ones died is the least that relatives and survivors are entitled to.
It is time that the British government permitted the spotlight of truth to be shone on all of those cases.
Support the parade and rally organised by the family of Sam Marshall to mark the 20th anniversary of his murder on March 7th 1990.

Assemble at Deeny Drive/Levin road in Kilwilkie Lurgan at 2.30pm on Sunday 7th March and parade to Kilmaine street where Sam was murdered.


  1. RIP Sam Marshall and all the other republicans who were murdered by British State forces and its minions occupying Ireland.

  2. very sorry for the grieve caused on family and friends. though not being irish and from europe i hate to see what´s going down.

  3. this is my third attempt at a comment. those before dindnt show. though not irish im very sorry for family and friends. i(we) hate to see whats going down in your country. deepest respect from europe