Monday, 1 March 2010

Plastic Bullet Brutality in Craigavon

éirígí general secretary Breandán Mac Cionnaith has condemned the firing of plastic bullets by the PSNI in Craigavon last night [Saturday].

At least three baton rounds were fired by the force at youths in the nationalist Drumbeg and Meadowbrook areas.

Mac Cionnaith said: “Plastic bullets are lethal weapons. Since their introduction in the early 1970s they have been directly responsible for the deaths of 17 people. Yet the PSNI seems determined to continue using these barbaric weapons until they inflict heartbreak on yet another innocent family.

“At a time when the great and the good are proclaiming a new beginning for policing in the Six Counties, the PSNI is proving, by its own actions, that it is business as usual as far as its treatment of nationalist communities is concerned.”

Mac Cionnaith continued: “It is time for the PSNI’s political cheerleaders to come clean on their claims that the devolution of limited policing & justice powers will change the nationalist experience of policing.

“The PSNI is as unacceptable an entity as the RUC was. It must be opposed by all those with any concern for the human rights of nationalists and republicans. Incidents like last night’s in Craigavon merely prove that point.”

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  1. The PSNI are corrupt - they keep a list of good and bad journalists and in Northern Ireland that means jornalists and ex-journalists. For example, planned in Paul Goggins squalid little office, and 'paying for sex' is not a crime anywhere in the UK which is the corrupt frame of reference. It should be, but that's not the point, some sad jerk got arrested, for something which isn't a crime - and that's unlawful. Reported to the PPS, and that's a lie. The PPS only do crimes, that dude didn't break any laws. Who is getting arrested next week? The PSNI also allow 'some' paedophiles to work with kids. What good is that to children? The PSNI will free pass any druggie or thug who is prepared to help them out. The PSNI are the RUC except they are in business this time for themselves. They are a disgrace to policing. They're the muscle for the abject disgrace our politics have become. The north is swamped by public piggery, everybody on a dole knows the next, or is a relative. It is Tammany Hall for Trumpton.

    "Acting on a tip-off PSNI officers raided the house at Old Rossory Park, off the Sligo Road, just after 2.30 on Friday afternoon last and spoke to a man and a woman. The woman - believed to be Belgian - and the man were reported to the Public Prosecution Service, in the woman's case, for keeping a brothel and, in the man's case, paying or offering to pay for sexual services."