Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Photos and Video of Sam Marshall Commemoration

Here are a few photos of last Sundays massive commemoration in Lurgan in which over 2,000 unbowed, unbroken, undefeated Republicans participated in.

                              Section of the massive crowd
                               Thousands Defiantly send a clear message

Here is a video of the commemoration which is accompanied by the speech made by Sam Marshall's sister.

                               Paul Duffy and Sam's sister

                                 Paul Duffy addresses the crowd

                               Caitriona Duffy reads a letter on behalf of her father


  1. This is great coverage...great to see republican unity once again. My friend is from Lurgan. I bet he was there somewhere amongst those people. He works on a project about British collusion. I hope those people do get the truth they are searching for. Families need some sort of closure in their lives.

  2. My friend was in Spain, but he flew in for that day to attend that commemoration then flew back out to Spain that night. Sam Marshall was a great friend of his. They went to the same school and have known each other for years. I just knew he wouldn't have missed it for anything.