Friday, 5 March 2010

British Political Policing at It's Finest

Recently we have seen yet another fine example of British policing and Justice in action. Irish Republican Gary Donnelly was jailed for 7 months by the British establishment. This was in relation to an incident in 2007 when he was illegally stopped under the draconian section 44 legislation.

During this incident Gary, who was outnumbered, was handcuffed and had his arm fractured in 3 places by, martial arts expert, RUC/PSNI Inspector John Neill.

Yet it was Gary Donnelly who has been accused of assault!!

This is just one of a long line of examples that rubbish the claim that this force is has changed for the better.

We were told by the irrelevants that manners would be put on the RUC/PSNI, when in fact it's quite clear that the manners are being put on Republicans. ( i won't list all the injustices because i have done that many times on this blog)

We were also told that they would be held to account, it's quite clear that they are an unaccountable force. The DPPs are nothing but toothless talkshops.

In 2009 a total of 28,420 people were stopped and searched by the unaccountables , compare that figure to 2004 when over 14,000 people were stopped and searched, that is a dramatic increase. Under the St Andrews Agreement matters relating to "national security" the RUC/PSNI will be accountable only to the British Secretary of State and not a Stormont British Justice minister or the 6 County Policing board.

Despite tens of thousands of incidents regarding stop and search legislation not one person has been convicted!!!!

A name change does not make one difference to this militia. Just like when they changed the name of the RIC to the RUC, UDR to the RIR, and also the 14th Intelligence Unit to Force Research Unit, the change from the RUC to the PSNI should be viewed in the same light, no difference but for the name.

Thankfully the Republican message is being sent out loud and clear. Republicans in Newry have now distributed thousands of leaflets and have erected several banners highlighting the unchanged nature of the British Militia.



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  1. any leaflets for warrenpoint up there. would be greatful if we could get some. need to get the truth out to the people
    smash section 44 !!