Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Vigil Organiser gets Death threat

I have just seen on the news that the organiser of last weeks vigil, SDLP Cllr Gary Stokes, has received a death threat.

IF this threat is genuine then it is totally wrong and should be lifted immediately. Everyone has the right to peacefully protest whether we politically agree with them or not. These type of threats are wrong whether they are directed towards SDLP members or Provisional Sinn Féin members who have also allegedly received threats in recent times.

There was also an attack on the home of Sinn Fein activist and DPP member Gerry ÓReilly in North Belfast recently. As much as i despise the toothless DPPs and those who participate in them i totally disagree with Gerry's home being attacked. I'm sure he has a family and this is also an attack on them and they haven't done anything wrong. I don't know if Republicans or hoods were involved in the attack but either way it was wrong.

If people disagree with Gerry ÓReilly and Gary Stokes politically then there are other ways to challenge them.

I will however take this and other alleged threats with a large pinch of salt, as we know only too well how sinister forces can be playing their silly games.

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