Thursday, 18 March 2010

What are They Scared Of???

Last night an éirígí banner on the Camloch rd had paint thrown over it in a cowardly late night attack. It's clear that anti-Republicans were responsible for this in an unsuccessful attempt to stop éirígí from spreading the message that British policing will never be acceptable to Republicans.

Those who carried out this attack wasted their time, i have spoken to several éirígí activists in Newry and they have an unlimited supply of these banners.

Are those responsible worried about the message that éirígí are putting across?
Do they fear the truth?

It's obvious that the irrelevants who done this are fearful of éirígí's potential and they are scared of the message that éirígí are sending to people.

At the end of the day these banners are only pieces of cloth but they are very effective at sending out a clear message to thousands of people.

If those responsible think that attacking Republican banners will silence Republican activists then they can think again, i have no doubt that this will only make the éirígí activists more determined to spread the Republican message.

We have a fair idea as to who was responsible for this as they didn't do a great job of covering their tracks and they will be challenged about it.

Republicans are in this for the long haul and won't be going anywhere and will continue to expose, oppose and highlight British policing in Occupied Ireland.

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  1. I had someone accusing me of supporting the RIRA because I stated that if the media keeps crying them down as a small group then will only grow larger as a result. Some people seem to think that some republicans particularly RIRA supporters are trying to stop the peace process from working so maybe they think that éirígí is doing the same. I was reading some latest news on the troopsout movement Website the other day and the police chief wrote a statement on how the PSNI is going to be the finest policeforce in the world and in helping the community to stamp out crime, etc. As if anyone is going to believe in that statement. It was a pitty there wasn't a response to remind the police of their tactics in policing that allows them to beat up minors while they are arresting them. It seems the police are calling for community support! Interesting read above.