Friday, 21 January 2011

Mairtin Óg Meehan Severely Beaten and Arrested by PSNI

Once again the PSNI has shown it's ugly unchanged ways. The latest incident came in the form of a vicious assault and arrest of Ex-POW and former combatant Mairtin Óg Meehan.

Mairtin is no stranger to such attacks against him and i have covered similar incidents in previous blog posts, including the time he was sprayed in the face with CS gas.

Mairtin descibed the latest incident as follows:
I stopped earlier to ask a friend how he was on the Antrim Rd, as the Peelers had him pulled over. He's a regular victim of harrassment and as such I was concerned for him. As I approached and asked him, two RUC men searched me under the 'justice act' etc. Once I'd asertained he was okay, I walked back to my car. My sister and neice who were in my car were being questioned by a third scumbag. As soon as I got back into my car my right wrist was cuffed and I was ordered out of the car because I assaulted a Peeler? They eventually trailed me from the car cuffed both hands and literally trailed me into the back of the jeep, were they punched the head, chest and legs of me. Two leg restraints were then put around my legs and at that stage I couldn't breath. My sister had told the driver (Peeler) that I'd had two heart attacks in the past and she phoned an ambulance. I was then taken to the barrcks, where after seeing the Doctor was released
Sadly there are those amongst us who think that endorsing and supporting these unaccountable thugs is the right way to go. They think that informing on Republicans, getting them dragged through British courts and incarcerated in British prisons is the right thing to do. They should hang their heads in shame

When will it end?

To be honest it will never end, not until we achieve a Socialist Republic and secure a 32 county police service that's in full control of the Irish people. Anyone who thinks that supporting a British partitionist force made up of these British terrorists is the answer they are seriously deluded and are only isolating themselves from Republicanism and the struggle for Irish freedom.

Knowing the type of person Mairtin is i have no doubt he will take this on the chin. But that doesn't excuse the brutality being inflicted upon Republicans on a regualr basis.

Republicans in Newry send their best wishes to Mairtin and his clann.

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