Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Man at The Helm But Same Old Bigotry

It seems the sectarian cult, known as the Orange Order has chosen a new leader, Edward Stevenson. No sooner had he taken up the post he showed his colours ( not that anyone was surprised). He stated that he wouldn't be meeting with any nationalist residents groups yet at the same time he claimed he wanted "to find a fresh way to resolve marching disputes".

How will he resolve them when his organisation refuses to meet with the very people affected by the sectarian marches forced through their areas?

Will he use telepathy?

Residents groups such as the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective have been to the fore in opposing such sectarian displays of bigotry. At the same time they have made numerous requests for dialogue, as well as proposing an alternative route and also carrying out a survey in which 1100 households took part.

Its clear there is no short term solution to the issue of contentious sectarian parades. The chain of events that surround these unwanted marches is only all too familiar at this stage, Ardoyne is a prime example.

The British appointed Parades Commission grant them permission to march through nationalist area, when nationalist residents and their supporters peacefully protest against these coat-trailing exercises they are brutalised and beaten off their own streets by the British police who then force the unwanted march through the areas leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Then in the ensuing riots the PSNI fire plastic numerous lethal plastic bullets leaving many people injured. In the following days former Republicans then inform the social services and the Housing executive as to the identities of the nationalist youngsters involved in the rioting and attempt to have them evicted from their homes.

This cycle will continue as the Orange Order along with the PSNI, parades commission and former Republicans continue to ignore the wishes of the residents.

And given this "new" appointment of Edward Stevenson it seems there is no end in sight

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