Thursday, 6 May 2010

POW Banner Destroyed and Slogans Removed by Cowards!

The following leaflet was passed onto me by a Comrade from Camloch, South Armagh. It was distributed to homes in the Camloch area last night. It explains how a banner in support of the POWs was torn down by cowards. Its a disgusting act but not surprising.

One thing thats clear is that the banner contained the message "END THE CRIMINALISATION OF REPUBLICAN POWs", obviously those who tore it down disagree with that message, if that is the case then that can only mean one thing, they must support the criminalisation of Republican POWs.

I was also told that last night slogans in support of the POWs were painted in the village, the slogans contained the message SUPPORT THE POWs and WHAT DID TEN MEN DIE FOR? These were removed before 9 Óclock this morning.

Bobby And His Comrades Would Be Turning

Those responsible for these cowardly acts are doing what the sticks done in the 80s, that sums it up for me!

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  1. My friend from Dublin says the same thing has been happening there with posters being tore down that supports the POWs human right and political status. Most of the slogans that had been painted that supported Colin Duffy as well as other POWs have all been painted over. Whoever is denying the POWs rights of fair treatment should hold their heads in shame.