Saturday, 29 May 2010

Constitutionals Make Empty Threats

Yesterday a glimmer of hope emerged for a split second as i came across a number of media outlets proclaiming that "SF Will Review It's Co-operation With PSNI", the first thing i thought was what in gods name has happened for such a bold, dramatic threat to emerge? What grave injustice has been inflicted upon the Irish people?

Was it because of 35,000 stop and searches in 12 months?
Was it because the Chief of the British Militia was trying to prevent an inquest into shoot to kill policy?
Increased RUC/PSNI harassment?
The use of plastic bullets?
Increased payments to Brit touts?
Increase in political policing?
Attempts to frame republicans?

It was none of the above, this empty threat emerged because a former priest didn't get a job on the British Policing Board!

The former priest is a brother of Dermot Kennedy, who is a former Sinn Fein Westminster and Assembly election candidate. It's also interesting to note that he is quite wealthy and lives in former Judge's mansion. Dermot has been described as an entrepreneur by one of his comrades, Mairtin O'Millionaire. Onwards to the Socialist Republic eh?

Surely to god the irrelevants could pick a better reason to make a veiled threat that will never materialise.......couldn't they?

Another thing i would also like to mention is Gerry Adam's recent blog post (though it looks more like it came from Gerry's bog)

It reads like something that came straight from the NIO or Jonathon Powell's desk.

In his bog Gerry mentions the "segregated wing" rather than the Republican wing and he refers to the men in Roe House as "prisoners" rather than Republican prisoners, political prisoners or POWs. The term "prisoners" puts those men in the same level as common criminals.

Sad times
They call us 'cons' to right the wrongs,
They do it with a pen,
They call us 'crims' to suit their whims, Of politics my friend,
But they can call us all they want
For the people call us men"
-Bobby Sands

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  1. Very well put comrade...I heard Gerry Adams's comment "prisoners" instead of POWs. He didn't mention anything about political status being restored. I know him and the provos signed away political status after the GFA and political prisoners were freed. He has now stated "the prisoners should at least have basic human rights." He is waiting for David Ford to get back to him about the situation in Maghaberry. In my opinion, it is not enough to help the republican prisoners in Maghaberry.