Friday, 7 May 2010

Brutality in Maghaberry Continues

Yesterday a Republican POW was beaten and dragged from his cell by several thugs in riot gear. This happened after the riot squad had entered the POWs cells and stole personal belongings. Obviously the POWs objected to this and as a result one was attacked.

The POW in question had voiced his concerns to the screws through a locked door, the screws decided that was a good enough reason to dish out a vicious beating.

The POW was stripped and forcefully taken to the punishment block were he was thrown into an empty cell naked.

The situation and conditions in Maghaberry are appalling at this stage, the POWs don't get fed on a daily basis nor can they get washed on a daily basis, none of the POWs have been able to shave in over 6 weeks!! These are basic human rights and they are being denied by a corrupt force.

The victim of this assault has been to the fore in the protests within the prison and this has no sign of ending anytime soon. His comrades are reported to have wrecked their cells in protest at this assault.

Nothing will be reported in the media about this so the majority of people out there will never hear about the situation in the gaol, its up to the Republican people on the outside to highlight this.

And modern day sticks destroying POW banners and painting out slogans aren't helping matters either, those cowards must and will be faced down!

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  1. This is horrendous treatment these prisoners are getting. It is like the 1970s and 1980s all over again. Did you know there is a petition going about, in England so far as I know, supporting human right for Irish prisoners. My signature is on it.