Monday, 3 May 2010

Large Attendance at POW Marathon Picket

Over 150 Republicans participated in a picket in support of Republican POWs during the Belfast marathon. The picket took place on the Falls road and was seen by thousands of people many of which greeted us with messages of support for the POWs.

There was a large heavily armed RUC presence around the picket with armoured landrovers lined along the Falls Rd and at each end of the picket. The RUC also kept the picket under constant surveillance with the entire event being videoed.

This very successful event is just one of many that has taken place in recent weeks to highlight the plight Republican POWs have to endure in Maghaberry.

Whilst other people (with short memories) remain silent on the issue, Irish Republicans are taking to the streets demanding that our POWs are treated for what they are, political prisoners.


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