Wednesday, 19 May 2010

éirígí: Maghaberry Gets the Message

Over 300 protestors, including many éirígí activists, gathered at the gates of Maghaberry Jail on Sunday [May 16] to demand an end to the degrading treatment of republican prisoners.

The family and friends of prisoners were joined by republicans from across the Six Counties and further afield in a noisy demonstration of solidarity.

The protestors gathered in the prison car park before marching the short distance to Maghaberry’s main entrance, led by relatives carrying the names of those republicans incarcerated there and a republican flute band. At the gates, the rally was addressed by former POWs and family members of serving political prisoners, including the sister of Harry Fitzimmons who, last week, was chained to a bed by screws and had his clothes cut off his back after he refused to consent to a strip search.

Binlids were banged, horns blown and fireworks set off to make it clear to the prisoners that support for the campaign is strong and to send a message to the prison regime that it cannot abuse political prisoners without facing a response on the outside.

éirígí general secretary Breandán Mac Cionnaith said: “The brutalisation of the republican prisoners in Maghaberry has clearly touched a nerve among nationalist communities in the Six Counties. Many people remember only too well the treatment meted out to POWs in the 1970s and early ’80s and they are not prepared to allow this situation take the same sad route.

“At this moment, people should put their political opinions to one side and mobilise for the restoration of political status. This is the only way this situation can be resolved.”


  1. "We can safely say that there will be no progress made and this will not be resolved because he wasn't shown what its really like."
    ...but this David Ford is a leading member of the new, bankers' government in uk, the occupying power - if he HAD seen what conditions were like he might have recommended the Governor for a knighthood and a pay-rise for the screws!
    hardly anyone here in uk knows about what's happening in Maghaberry, which suits the Authorities

  2. dvbagal, very true. David Ford has also recently congratulated the police for their work across the north here. Yeah you're right about the UK not knowing what is going on in Maghaberry. It should be in the media and in the American media too to get more support. Irish America can help to hightlight all this. I was told that the protesters could write to any news reporter in America and they would cover the story.