Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Camlough POW Picket 21st May

This Friday (21st May), Republicans will be holding a white line picket in Camlough, South Armagh from 7pm-8pm. This picket will be to show support and solidarity with Republican POWs currently incarcerated in Maghaberry Gaol.

This event will also highlight the inhumane conditions that the POWs in Maghaberry have to endure including:

  • 23 hour lock up
  • Degrading Strip searches of POWs and their visiting families
  • Psychological torture
  • Controlled movement
  • Sniffer dog searches
  • Assaults
  • Criminalisation

 It's also fitting that this picket will fall on the 29th anniversary of Óglach Raymond McCreesh who along with his 9 brave comrades, paid the supreme sacrifice to achieve better conditions and to smash Thatcher’s policy of criminalising Republican POWs.

Today in 2010, Republicans are also being forced to protest for humane conditions and political status.

Assemble in Camlough village, 7pm-8pm

Organised by local Republicans in conjunction with the Concerned Families & Friends of Maghaberry POWs


  1. Just a thought, has anyone got a picture of Harry Fitzsimmons to make into a poster for the protest? This would help highlight his recent inhumain treatment that he has suffered from this last week. Pictures speak a thousand words and it would get more noticed from a distant passer by that might not be close enough to read what posters say. Anyway, it just a thought to be helpful, but if agreed get permission from his family first.

  2. If you can, mention to whoever organizes these that it drives attendance down when they're scheduling them on work days.

  3. The reason its being held on Friday is because Friday is Ray McCreeshes anniversary. There are several other events in the pipeline that will be happening on weekends

  4. I'd also like to point out that our last picket was held mid week and despite being organised at less than 24 hrs notice we still had upwards of 70 people at it. Its impossible to please everyone but as i said we have several other events in the pipeline that will held on weekends.

  5. Aye I know, just thought I'd mention it since a lot of my mates want to go but if it comes to this or a job... job wins. It's good there's weekend ones.

  6. No worries mate, future events will be published on my blog, you and your friends are more than welcome