Friday, 25 November 2011

West Belfast DPP Threats....

The following is an account penned by Martin Óg Meehan regarding a recent DPP meeting.

Last night some 50 plus Republican Activists including myself were present in the Whiterock College to publically oppose the sitting of the District Policing Partnership otherwise known as the DPP....

As we entered the building there were four armoured RUC/PSNI Landrovers present in the carpark, whilst dozens of well-armed personnel were situated throughout the building in a bid to intimidate those of us who had a right to protest at the presence of such a charade in West Belfast. Particularly given the recent brutal mistreatment of an RNU member and his children hours after he his young Wife had tragically died. The RNU member was forcibly trailed from his car and beaten by the same Political Police Force on the Falls Road while en-route to organise his Wife's funeral.....

We took our seats in the hall being used for the meeting with a number of local RNU members situated at the front because they wanted to challenge the RUC/PSNI Area Commander about the above incident and other siminlar breaches of human rights. Initally, the DPP Chairperson and local City Councillor, Tim Attwood approached me asking we intended doing? Not wanting to discuss tactics etc, I informed him that we would be conducting a militant but PEACEFUL protest. He was quite content with my answer and returned to the main table....

Around the same time, a number of senior members of Provisional S/F members also entered the room and positioned themselves close to our seats and were pretty aggressive in doing so. We all ignored their presence, although I happened to say hello to a few former POWs' who I spent time with in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh.

When the RUC/PSNI Commander entered the room, an RNU Activist from Ballymurphy stood in front of him and asked did he want to search him under 'Terrorist Legislation' as that's what his people did day and daily around the area and in front of his kids every time he was seen by the RUC/PSNI. The senior Peeler said; 'No, I don't want to search you...' Every time he tried to speak he was told to stop harassing, intimidating local Republicans and their families and to stop pointing guns into our faces etc. On one occassion, a well-known member of PSF from West Belfast with the initals; J.T. shouted to the RNU member; 'Sit-down you attention seeker'! The protesters completely ignored the comment and continued with the protest.

Tim Attwood asked for comments to be put through the Chair, which was a responsible request but was rejected because of the mistreatment of citizens by the RUC/PSNI on the streets. Cllr. Attwood then asked if the protesters wanted to make a statement instead? One former Ex-POW spoke for everyone opposed to political Policing when he read a prepared statement condemning the last ten years of the so-called changes to the RUC. At the end of his statement, he asked for all those in the hall to leave and let the Peeler; 'sit by himself as he wasn't part of the local community'. A number of Sinn Fein members including one MLA said that we (the protesters) 'weren't part of the community'.

As we were leaving the room, the Belfast Chairperson of PSF who has the initals; B.S. shouted to me; 'That's the end of it and pointed to J.T. and said, he'll be rapping your door later on and take you away'! I asked him was that a threat, to which he replied; 'No it's a promise'! B.S. had been seated all evening beside another Leading PSF man by the name of 'Duckser' who last June had called me a TOUT...However, when I confronted this person and asked for evidence, he had none nor has he since produced anything to substantiate his ridiculous claims.

Later on, last night I spoke to other RNU members and my family and we agreed that the threat and what was said should be made public...I posted the facts on Twitter, Facebook and on Ir.Net and had no response from Provisional S/F the entire night. Today, I challenged the West Belfast MP, Paul Maskey and the Belfast Mayor, Niall O'Donaille on Twitter about the circumstances of last night and what their Party was doing about it? To date, I've had no response from my former comrades in S/F?

Since leaving the Party over its many comromises of core Irish Republican principles, I and many others have been called many erroneous names and have not replied because it proves just how twisted these people are and their facist attitude to anyone who politically opposes them and their strategy. However, the threat last night in the middle of a public meeting was heard by many and forced me to respond.

I guess the only people who are allowed to engage in political activities according to Provisional S/F....Some things NEVER change

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