Tuesday, 29 November 2011

PSNI Harassment

The following was penned by éirígí's Newry spokesperson, Stephen Murney

Tonight myself and 2 fellow éirígi activists were stopped & searched by the British forces (PSNI). The reason given for this stop and search was "due to the increased terrorist threat in this area". Altogether 2 cars and an armoured landrover surrounded us for our henious activitty.

What was our "crime" i hear you ask?

What were we up to to suggest we were involved in "terrorist activity"?

What dodgy activity were we involved in to recieve such attention from our noticably nervous police force.

Well we were involved in putting up highly dangerous stickers regarding the savage cuts being enforced upon the disadvantaged and vulnerable working class in our society. (I've attached one of these dastardly stickers to this note for the readers benefit)

The main thug asked me what was i putting up. I explained i was putting up literature relating to tomorrows public service rally that was taking place. I was then informed that i was going to be stopped and searched under section 21 & 24 of the British Justice and security act and that i would be searched for ammunition and wireless apparatus.

I asked him did he have resonable suspicion that i had those items on my person and he replied no, and that he didn't need to have reasonable suspicion but he was searching me due to the "terrorist threat".

I was then vigorously searched for these invisable items. He took information cards from my pockets, these cards provide information on your rights when you are stopped and searched. I told him he had no right to take any documentation or any personal belongings from me because documents aren't included in section 21 & 24, but he done it anyway.

My 2 comrades suffered the same treatment and were each given a generic white card and told to present ourselves at the barracks.

Tomorrow éirígí activists across the North will march with thousands of working class people in protest at the anti-social policies being implemented by the London government and its Stormont administration. Tonight éirígí members preparing for tomorrows rally were held by Stormonts anti-working class police force.

I'll also add that Last night i posted about a local republican being stopped and searched along with his 15 year old daughter. They were stopped under section 21 and 24 of the justice and security act.

Tonight they were both stopped again, under the same draconian legislation, and held for 20 minutes in the freezing cold. Thats 2 nights in a row this young girl and her father were subjected to abuse and torture from thugs in uniform.

I wonder if any of the local Gaeilgeoirí (Irish speaker) who live amongst us in our very communities brought up the issue of harassment when they were having tea and buns with the PSNI in Newry arts centre tonight? Ironically a few feet away from were tomorows rally will be held.

Victory to the working class

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