Friday, 18 November 2011

New low for PSNI Harassment

In the 80s and 90s the British forces in occupied Ireland regularly targeted grieving families who were mourning their loved ones. Today in 2011 the British forces known as the PSNI are doing the same. This incident is disturbing to read but it's the reality of what is happening. Those who continue to support these animals have a lot to answer for.  

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends-Martin Luther King

The young wife (36) of a well known Belfast republican died this week in tragic circumstances. At first the rumour mill spread around that she had died by her own hand, that wasnt the case and she has died by accident. The night of her death Monday the PSNI pulled up outside the home of the husband. The PSNI began to beep the horn of their car and when he and his gathered family looked out the window, the PSNI officers in the car began to do hanging actions with there tongues out and laughing at them. The angry family had to restrain him from going out to them.

This morning while trying to organise funeral arrangements, the PSNI stopped his car on the Falls rd and told him to pull his car into the bus lane, He said that he would be blocking the bus lane if he did so ans was there a better place to pull in, at this stage one officer pulled his flick stick out and began to attempt to smash his window, he jumped out and told the cop that he had had enough of them and to leave him to grieve. He was wrestled to the ground and had his head, slammed by the boot of their car leaving a large gash on his head, his elbows and shins were cut also. At this stage as parents of children getting dropped to school at nearby St Louise's jumped out of their cars and came to his assistance. They screamed at the cops to leave him alone and to un-handcuff him as he was suffering a loss. The cops sent for re-enforcements and a local SF rep came over and spoke to one cop and asked him to calm the situation down, He was told to go away and not interfere in the incident. In fairness to him he then began to pull at one cop with the other concerned parents who were now also pushing and pulling at the cops. One female officer shouted hit them with CS gas....A PSNI car arrived and one officer after speaking to the others, de-arrested him and told him that he was being referred to the PPS for charges.

This is another example of an un-reformed and un-accountable force that is still abusing our community and know they are free to carry acts like this free from any recourse! 

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