Sunday, 13 November 2011

Anti-Republicans Remove POW Sign

A Board erected at Edentubber not far from the Carrickdale hotel in support of Maghaberry POWs was removed between 1-4pm today

This isn't the first time that signs/banners have been stolen by cowards in the Newry/south Armagh area.

Last year a banner calling for an end to torture was erected in Camlough, this was cut down by 2 former republicans. They were exposed for their anti-republican activities when hundreds of leaflets were distributed to homes in the village, this was then followed by a very successful and well attended picket.

A few weeks ago another banner in Meigh mysteriously vanished

Then we had the Colin Duffy slogan in Derrybeg removed. Although this was then replaced with a 24ft mural which is still in place today. Although when the board was erected the electoral rejects in the area attacked the mural online and even ridiculously stated that "The people don't need convincing of the plight of Irish prisoners". Colin and his family have been persecuted relentlessly for the past 20 years and is now currently on trial,

The Newry/South Armagh republican prisoners support group have been working flat out in recent months painting and erecting signs and banners all over Newry, south armagh and south down to highlight the human rights abuses being carried out against republican prisoners in Maghaberry.

It would seem there are some people out there who don't want this issue highlighted. Maybe they are uncomfortable with this issue, maybe it embarrasses them

Some of the signs/banners that have been removed called for an end to the torture of republican prisoners. 

The sign that was removed today stated " END BRITISH TORTURE IN MAGHABERRY " with a silhouette of a prison watch tower. What is wrong with that message?

It would seem the cowardly perpetrators disagree with that message. So maybe they agree with republican prisoners being tortured in a British prison?

On one hand they claim to support the human rights aspect of the prisoners protest yet they pull down signs and banners highlighting it.

What are they afraid of?

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