Monday, 21 November 2011

POW Mural Unveiled

Yesterday hundreds of republicans gathered in the New Lodge for the unveiling of a mural dedicated to republican prisoners in Maghaberry. The mural depicts the silhouette of a man with his fist raised in an iconic stance of resistance. It also compares Maghaberry concentration camp to the H-Blocks along with the spirit of freedom. Issues such as controlled movement and strip searches are also highlighted in the mural along with quotes from Bobby Sands. The bottom of the mural reads "DAMN YOUR CONCESSIONS ENGLAND IT'S OUR FREEDOM WE WANT"

The main speaker at this event was independent republican councillor for Newry & Mourne, Davy Hyland. One of the few elected reps to stand up for republican prisoners, Davy gave a rousing speech.

The fantastic mural was painted by Damien Walker. Damien was harassed everyday by the crown forces (PSNI) as he was painting the mural. The PSNI told him they would make his life hell for painting the mural.

Fair play to everyone involved in this project as it will bring much needed attention to the human rights abuses being carried out in Maghaberry.

Victory to the POWs

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