Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Statement from Seán Mac Diarmada 1916 Society

Seán Mac Diarmada 1916 Society, Ard Eoin condemns unreservedly the internment by remand of Alan Lundy our Vice Chairman, friend and comrade. He is held on scurrilous charges brought by the British State in order to try and break his resolve and determination to achieve a 32 county socialist democratic Republic, as enshrined in the 1916 Proclamation. These attempts to break his legitimate political stance shall fail.

Alan has been an active Republican since his teens, and in recent years has been to the forefront of many Republican initiatives in the Ardoyne area and further afield. He has been involved in campaigns including demonstrating against Political Policing, peaceful radical action against sectarian marches, opposing the scourge of drug dealers in his area, Prisoner Campaigns, defending McArt's Fort/Cavehill from Royalist ceremonies and commemorations for our Patriot Dead. He is a committed and tireless Activist who over the years has dedicated his life to the pursuit of Republican objectives.

Bearing this in mind it is important that all Republicans and those who know Alan stand up against the injustice of his imprisonment and the hurt that the British State has imposed upon his family, especially his partner and three children. We would appeal to everyone to attend any of the protests that have been organised to call for his release and we add our voice to the growing calls for his release from custody and dropping of charges against him. We look forward to welcoming our comrade back to the streets of Ardoyne.


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