Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Martin Corey case is confirmation of a selective internment policy

Martin Corey
The actions of British NIO minister Owen Paterson, in over-ruling a court’s direction to release Lurgan republican Martin Corey, clearly demonstrates where the real power lies in the Six counties, according to Breandán Mac Cionnaith, the general secretary of the socialist republican party éirígí.

Mac Cionnaith’s comments follow the re-arrest of Martin Corey yesterday evening (July 9), only hours after a court had directed that he should be released unconditionally on bail. Corey has already been imprisoned for over two years without any charges ever being made against him. His previous arrest in 2010 was also ordered by NIO minister Paterson.

Mac Cionnaith said, “The usurping by Owen Paterson of the court’s ruling that Martin Corey should be immediately released is clear confirmation that a British government policy of selective internment without trial is operating within the Six Counties.

“Paterson’s unprecedented intervention, and his ordering of Martin’s re-arrest, is evidence that the so-called policing and justice reforms endorsed by the constitutional nationalist parties at Stormont are nothing more than a piece of political deception of the worst kind.

“Paterson’s actions also demonstrate that the British government remains the real power in the Six Counties and that the role of Stormont politicians is confined only to providing a facade of cosmetic cover to that reality.

“As a party, éirígí is calling for the immediate release of Martin Corey. His case, like that of Marian Price, should be of major concern to all those who value civil liberties and human rights.”


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