Friday, 27 July 2012

Mandy Duffy (wife of republican PoW Paul Duffy) arrested for having, publicly available information.

Mandy Duffy has been arrested during a police investigation into Irish Republican ‘activity’.

Mandy Duffy wearing pink cardigan
Mrs Duffy, an avid ambassador of Republican prisoners issues and a humanitarian, was arrested by the RUC/PSNI on Monday morning [23rd] due to the ongoing victimisation of non supporters of British/Sinn Feins’ GFA.

The mother of five and the wife of Republican prisoner Paul Duffy, was stolen away from her family in the morning leaving the extended family to look after the children.

The RUC/PSNI have not yet confirmed as to the full rationale of their actions, which left the Duffy children without both parents, but it is believed to be due to possession of publicly available documentation printed by a European civil rights organisation which provides information as to the rights of civilians who have been arrested.

Mrs Duffy the sister-in-law of Lurgan republican Colin Duffy was then released on Tuesday morning.

In January Colin Duffy was found not guilty of of the attack on  Massereene Army base.

It is understood Mrs Duffy’s home was not raided before her arrest. A community worker in Lurgan, she is a well-known campaigner for republican prisoners.

Two months ago her husband Paul Duffy (47) was charged with directing terrorism between 2009 and 2012.

His brother Damien Duffy (43) and his cousin Shane Duffy (41) were charged with conspiring to murder persons unknown, conspiring to cause an explosion and collecting information likely to be of use to terrorists. The three men, who deny the charges, are currently in Maghaberry prison on the no-wash protest.

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