Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hyland calls for the release of Cllr Louise Minihan

Independent republican councillor for Newry and Mourne, Davy Hyland, has called for the immediate release of éirígí Dubin City councillor Louise Minihan who was imprisoned today after being arrested in her Ballyfermot constituency.

In 2010 Louise took part in a paint protest against the then health minister Mary Harney, during which Louise poured red paint over the minister. This resulted in Louise being arrested, charged and subsequently convicted of assault and criminal damage. Louise was given a two month suspended sentence and received a €1,500 fine which at the time she made clear she would not be paying.

Davy was speaking after travelling to a protest in Dublin with several other republicans from Newry. The well attended protest was held outside Mountjoy Prison where Louise could be held for up to seven days.

Davy said “Firstly i want to send my full support and solidarity to Louise Minihan, her comrades in éirígí and her family. Louise’s actions were in defence of the working class against an onslaught of savage government policies. When Louise took direct action against Harney she explained to her that the red paint she had just poured over her represented the blood that she and the rest of the Dublin government have on their hands as a result of the cutbacks to healthcare.

“During minister Harney’s reign she earned the well deserved title of the “Minister for Death”. Cllr Minihan should be commended for her actions, not punished.

The Newry and Mourne councillor continued “I’m proud to be here at this protest with dozens of fellow republicans demanding the release of Louise. The people who should be jailed are those who are responsible for, and who implement, these anti-social policies rather than punishing people like Louise who stand up for, and defend, the working class against them.”


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