Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Defend Cavehill from Royal insult

I have noticed that this campaign has been gaining considerable strength in Belfast. Dozens of republicans  have been involved in distributing thousands of leaflets in Belfast and Irish republicans gathered at the same spot to launch a campaign against an attempt by Belfast City Council to use it for pro-monarchist propaganda.

In the month of June 1795, Wolfetone, McCracken, Nialson and many other members of the Belfast Society, being a nice day, they climbed to McArts fort on Cavehill. This is where they swore an oath to subvert the authority of England, break the connection with England, to fight for Irelands Independence and if necessary to die for these goals. Which many did make the ultimate sacrifice.

The significance of McArts fort and what happened that year can never be forgotten as it Is the origin of modern Republicanism and Socialism in Western Europe.

Those who gathered at McArts Fort are now widely known throughout the modern world today as the architects of equality for all classes, the beginnings of the abolishment of slavery and highlighted the wrongs of human right abuses and racism.

With this they shared the same dream as the Americans, French and Comrades throughout the world at this time was the anti monarchy belief.

These are the reasons Republicans can never allow the British Queen’s beacon be lit on such a historical location and anyone saying otherwise is far from being republican.

Todays subdued reflection as to what happened over two hundred years ago was marred by British Forces where they found it necessary to arrest one of the participants for not taking his shoes off during an unnecessary and aggressive search of those who attended the gathering. As most had left to carry on with their day to day lives, those who where left chatting where set upon by British forces and subjected to degrading and unlawful searches.

Shame on any so called republican who tries to justify such arrogance and unnecessary harassment of fellow republicans .

The shoneens who backed this imperialist beacon and endorsed it should hang their heads in shame!!!!

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