Monday, 12 April 2010

Situation In Maghaberry Deteriorates

I just heard from a POW's family this evening that the situation in Maghaberry is deteriorating. The POWs were woke this morning at 6.30am by screws banging on their doors and shouting etc. When the POW was not served breakfast he asked for an explanation, he was told " you were offered your breakfast but you refused it."

The lads have covered up the flaps on their doors as a form of protest and they have been informed that they will lose their hour in the yard while the flaps remain covered up, but since the protest on Easter Sunday the POWs have not been receiving the compulsory hour exercise, if they have a legal visit or family visit they have been made forfeit their hour in the yard.

Controlled Movement is also being used to such an extent that the POWs are not able to wash or be fed on a daily basis. The situation is becoming unbearable for the POWs and their families and it looks like it will escalate.

The only way this can be resolved is for political status to be restored.

Newry Republicans will continue to stand in solidarity with the POWs and their families.

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  1. That is terrible treatment they are suffering from. Have you heard the song on this Website below. It's beautiful and straight from the heart about his experiences.

    He is an Irish Republican POW still in jail and he sings and plays a guitar from his cell. He is from Dublin.