Saturday, 10 April 2010

Óglach Colum Marks

Óglach Colum Marks
Killed in Action - 11th April, 1991

Colum was active in his early years in rioting against the British Army and soon came to the attention of the enemy. On one occasion, Paratroopers raided the family home searching for the youthful resistance fighter but Colum eluded them, taking refuge in a neighbour's home. He was first arrested at the ate of 14. The family home was constantly raided. He was an active member of Na Fianna Eireann during these years.

When he left school at 16 he worked at various jobs until he was 20. The Hunger Strikes began and he became involved in the Newry Youth Action Group. He was to get his first taste of jail in June 1981, spending eight months on remand before being cleared of all charges. He was continuously harassed and arrested - sometimes it seemed the RUC/PSNI Barracks was his second home.

Colum was brutally murdered on 11th April 1991, when the RUC/PSNI shot him dead in Downpatrick. He had been a dedicated IRA Volunteer who brought the fight to the enemy. He is sorely missed and loved by his family, friends and comrades.

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