Monday, 26 April 2010

Republican POW Picket To Be Held During Belfast Marathon

Due to the ongoing situation in Maghaberry Republicans have decided to organise a picket in solidarity with the POWs along part of the route of the Belfast City marathon.

This will take place in West Belfast and after a number of very successful well attended protests all over the country to demand the restoration of political status and an end to the harsh treatment inflicted upon the POWs and their families. So far the main event was the rally at Maghaberry in which over 500 people attended, making it one of the largest mobilisations in support of Republican POWs in many years.

The picket that will be held during the marathon will be seen by many thousands of people and will also be in the full glare of the media. Hopefully this will bring more attention to the plight of the POWs.

I will post the details of this event as soon as they are finalised

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