Thursday, 15 March 2012

Support Republican Prisoners - Join the Protests!

Cork Prisoners Solidarity Group.

Thirty one years on from the H-Blocks where ten men died for political status, republican prisoners are on dirty protest fighting criminalisation. The current protest has been going on now for nearly a year. Whether you agree with the politics of those imprisoned, held on remand or interned doesn’t matter: the prisoners deserve your support. Rather than underestimating the seriousness of the situation in Maghaberry we need to act now.

The Prisoners face forced strip searching and beatings on a daily basis, going to and from court and visits. And they are subjected to controlled movement otherwise known as a denial of free association on the landings in Roe House.

What they are fighting for is the implementation of the 12th August Agreement: an agreement which brings an end to strip searching through use of a BOSS chair (body orifice security scanner) and sees an end to controlled movement in a phased manner.

At a time when Ireland as a whole is suffering cuts to its living standards more and more struggles are being given life everyday, as opposition to austerity grows. As anti-capitalists and anti-imperialists, these issues cannot be separated. The Left needs to come together with Republicans in a form of symbyosis and do what it can for the republican prisoners in Maghaberry. Their struggle is our struggle.

Support republican prisoners, join the protests or organise one!

(The Prisoner Solidarity Group is an ‘independent ‘ group of activists in Cork city formed to organise protests in solidarity with ALL republican prisoners and to encourage unity among republicans and the left but especially to highlight the ongoing struggle in Maghaberry prison.

As a group we oppose internment by section 30 in the 26 counties, or internment by remand in the occupied 6 counties, and we call for the repatriation of any republican prisoners held overseas. Due to the worsening situation in Maghaberry Prison we decided to put together an independent group as we feel the best way forward for all concerned is a united independent campaign to call for the implementation of the 12th of August agreement which was brokered in 2010 but has yet to be implemented
by the Northern Ireland Prison Service/NIPS.)

PSG-Cork City

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