Sunday, 4 March 2012

James Connolly Society Béal Feirste

On Monday 27th Feb 2012 the West Belfast District Policing Partnership held their latest meeting in St Theresa’s Parish Centre, on the Glen Road Belfast.

The James Connolly Republican Society Belfast Made it known publicly that we would be there to deliver a peaceful protest, at what we see as an attempt to legitimize, British policing in the Six Counties.

On our arrival we were met by other Republican groups also opposed to the Charade of the DPP, also present on the roads surrounding and in the car park was a very large police presence.

On our entrance into the hall where the meeting had began, we proceeded to make a quiet and dignified peaceful protest which consisted of delivering a protest letter to all civilian members of the DPP.

However it became clear from the outset that Sinn Fein were having none of it and sought to prevent our protest, we were confronted and obstructed by prominent members of PSF when we entered and we were threatened with violence by some of these thugs.The Chairperson of our society was told he would have his “jaw broken”, I was informed by the Belfast PSF Chairperson that I would be “floored”.

This confrontational approach was hinted at last year when PSF brought forward their proposal that public gatherings of fifty or more people be outlawed, and just a few weeks ago at a whiteline picket in West Belfast the RUC actually informed those present that, “As there were more than fifty people the picket was illegal and anyone present was in breach of the law”

We have a few questions.To all the PSF MLAs, MPs and councilors, do you condone the thugish behaviour of your party colleges threatening peaceful protesters?

To the Chairperson of the WBDPP have you raised with others the fact that a public meeting being held to “Hold policing to account” is not now public as PSF are barring people from attending.?

And to all concerned for Justice are we now incorporating into the PSNI/RUC a new Fascist civilian police?

 Sean Cahill PRO ,
The James Connolly Republican Society Belfast.

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