Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sowing the Seeds of Division

Recently saw the home of Liam Shannon being targetted in an attempted bomb attack in West Belfast, another device exploded nearby.

Liam has a history of being targeted  by Loyalist paramilitaries, most reports are laying the blame at their feet. However whilst listening to Talkback on BBC Radio Ulster yesterday it was clear that the felon setting had started.

The headline of the show was "Were "Dissidents" Responsible?".

Presenter Wendy Austin pressed Liam on who was responsible and she implied that Republicans may have been responsible, Liam immediately rejected that claim and said that the most likely culprits were Loyalists who had targeted him a number of times over the years. Indeed in one of these previous Loyalist attacks they attached a device to a container of fuel, almost identical to last nights attack.

Next up was, former Republican, Maírtín ÓMillionaire, who spoke highly of Liam yet went against him and tried to lay the blame with Republicans, i found it somewhat bizarre that while the victim was rejecting the claim that republicans were involved Mairtin would push the notion that they were.

The Shinners comrades in the British "Security services" have joined them in the felon setting by stating that "it was more than likely dissident republicans than loyalist paramilitaries"

Óglaigh na hÉireann and the CIRA have both denied responsibility, so that rubbishes the constitutional claim that Republicans were involved.

It needs to be asked, why would former republicans try to cause friction and division in the Republican community by falsely claiming Republicans were responsible for this disgraceful attack? Not only is that wrong but it's also highly dangerous.

Why would they try to sow seeds of division in Nationalist/Republican communities?
Who's agenda does that serve?
Who's pulling their strings?

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