Friday, 5 November 2010

Has Society Gone Completely Bonkers?

A close friend and comrade of mine, Sammy Cusick, has made the front page of today's Irish News. Sammy is a well known, North Belfast, community activist and is a member of Concerned Families Against Drugs, the anti-Drugs group.

Now it's not unusual for Sammy to feature in the Irish News, he has been in it numerous times for his community activities, but today's story is slightly different.

Just over a week ago Sammy was in the Irish News after a large quantity of dangerous drugs including Cocaine and Mephadrone were taken off a drug dealer by Óglaigh na hÉireann. The drugs were passed onto CFAD who then destroyed them by flushing them down a drain and a photograph of this was featured in the Irish News on October 20th.

As a result of this the PSNI are seeking to have Sammy charged with possession of Drugs!!

Sammy should be praised, not prosecuted for destroying these dangerous drugs and keeping them off the streets. How many lives have been saved by this action being taken?

Sammy responded to this by saying "that most right-thinking people welcomed the fact that these drugs are no longer being sold to our young people. It's a pity the PSNI don't show the same view"

Sammy continued "In the past we have had mothers, fathers and other members of the public approach us with drugs they have found or removed from young people for us to dispose of. This would mainly be because those people don't have any faith in the PSNI to deal with the problem. When you see this type of action being taken you can understand why the community have so little faith in the PSNI"

CFAD have also issued a statement saying "We view this threat from the PSNI and PPS as nothing more than political policing at its worst. Particularly given the fact that well-known Drug Barons openly live in properties and freely swan about in their flash cars paid for through the proceeds of serious crime.

Since our formation in 2008, the PSNI and so-called Criminal Justice System have failed miserably to tackle the increase in the supply of dangerous drugs onto our streets. CFAD's record speaks for itself and people who live in Nationalist areas of North Belfast know only too well, the positive impact our anti-drugs campaign has had. We will not be threatened by possible hilarious charges from the State and continue to expose anti-community criminals who prey on our youth.

CFAD suggest, that the negative energies of the PSNI and PPS would be better spent questioning their inactivity in seriously combating drugs and related crime in working-class communities across North Belfast."

CFAD have come under attack from many quarters since they were formed including from those who should better. Also the discredited IMC have in past claimed they were a vigilante group who were involved in "punishment shootings", after these claims were made CFAD met the IMC and set the record straight.

It seems some people aren't happy with the great work CFAD are doing, thankfully it's a different story in their respective communities.

A few questions need to be asked regarding the priorities of the PSNI.

Why don't they seek to track down and prosecute the dealers?

Will they also seek to charge priests and other community activists who have in the past destroyed drugs? Indeed i can recall a Councillor in Newry who has also destroyed drugs in the recent past, for which he should be praised, but will the PSNI now be seeking to charge him for possession of drugs?

This is perfect example of how the PSNI are failing Nationalist communities in the 6 counties. Rather than target criminals and drug dealers they are targeting community activists who are taking dangerous drugs of the streets and making their communities safer.

Have they any idea how much this will alienate them from nationalist communities? Thousands of nationalists will be reading today's Irish News and will be left scratching their heads wondering why society is so f**ked up.

I have been speaking to Sammy regarding this and as i expected he will stand firm and continue with his community work.
Maith thú Sammy agus CFAD

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  1. "Why don't they seek to track down and prosecute the dealers?"

    Maybe the psni have other doing a deal with dealers exchanging information on republicans for freedom...meaning if dealers give information they won't get charged and walk free. Only a few weeks ago I was told that a drugs dealer was arrested by the psni and the next day he is walking free on the streets. Something not right there... This man Sammy is doing a great job in getting rid of drugs from the community, but the psni feel it is their job to do this not the CFAD and Óglaigh na hÉireann. Like you said people don't trust the police as they are more likely to get arrested themselves.