Tuesday, 29 June 2010

RUC/PSNI Publicity Stunt is a Failure

Today's Newry Democrat carries an interesting article regarding the recent public "policing" meeting held in Newry Arts centre.

The article states that there were more members of the RUC/PSNI at the meeting than members of the public!, it also states that the event "failed to stir the general public".

The English chief of the British police in Ireland pledged that  "his aim is to deliver normal policing to communities across Newry and tackle the "myths and falsities" about the "PSNI"

At the same time he had dozens of heavily armed paramilitaries guarding the Arts centre

Is this the "normal policing" he is talking about? Or maybe he was referring to recent events in the Derrybeg estate?

Ironically on the opposite page was this article about the recent harassment of Republicans in Newry's Derrybeg estate: A POLICE raid on a Newry estate on Wednesday has been slammed as being like “a scene from the 1970s or ’80s”.

The raid which began on one house in Derrybeg in the early hours of June 16 and extended to a search operation of the estate itself lasted most of the day, with armed PSNI officers stopping vehicles entering and leaving Derrybeg.

Several homes across Newry were also searched on the same day and a number of items were seized for forensic examination. Four men were arrested but were released without charge later the same day.

The day’s events prompted Breandán Mac Cionnaith, general secretary of the Irish socialist republican political party, éirígí, to claim that police are systematically targeting the nationalist community of the city.

“At a time when the great and the good are proclaiming a new beginning for policing in the Six Counties the PSNI is proving, by its own actions, that it is business as usual as far as its treatment of nationalist communities is concerned,” he said.

“Is this the new beginning to policing we were promised? This is not normal policing, this is not civic policing. This is the same repressive policing that we have been subjected to for decades. Nothing has changed with this paramilitary force except their name and badge.”

Mr Mac Cionnaith said that Derrybeg was the target of “Crown Forces harassment” due to its “proud history of opposing the British occupation”.

“Despite the change of name, the primary aim of the PSNI is exactly the same as the primary aim of the RUC – to protect the British occupation of the Six Counties.”

A PSNI spokesperson said anyone who is unhappy with police action should contact the Police Ombudsman.

While elected representatives have not condemned this attack on the Derrybeg community, the ordinary working class people from Derrybeg have rallied around the victims of this draconian policing and have given them their full support. Indeed other communities across the district have also sent messages support.


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