Monday, 7 June 2010

Conor Casey-Political Hostage

In recent times we have seen yet another perfect example of the "new beginning" we were promised several years ago.

Tyrone Republican, and former POW, Conor Casey was arrested and charged with firearm and "terrorism" offences. He is now Interned in Maghaberry gaol and could spend a considerable length of time in that hell hole.

The interesting thing is why Conor was arrested and charged and what the so-called evidence is?

It has emerged that Conor's "crime" was that he attended the funeral of his comrade, Óglach John Brady, who was murdered while in British custody. Conor attended his friends funeral and placed the National flag on John's coffin. It seems that this was sufficient enough for the British police to charge him with firearms and "terrorist" offences.

Conor, like many others, could now find himself behind bars for a number of years under this type of de-facto Internment. We have seen numerous examples in recent years of Internment. Sean Hoey, Chris Ward, Terry McCafferty have all been incarcerated for a number of years before their cases collapsed. When Terry McCafferty was released the British said there was no reason for him to be in jail. Numerous other Republicans including Colin Duffy are also interned by remand.

When will Britain learn, that no matter how many times they use draconian laws to try and break the Irish people, they will fail every time?

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