Monday, 30 June 2014

éirígí reject offer of PSNI engagement in Newry

The socialist republican party, éirígí, has said that there would be absolutely no merit or value in taking up an offer to engage with the PSNI in the Newry area.

The offer was put forward by the force after éirígí’s Newry spokesperson, Stephen Murney, condemned the PSNI for taking part in a series of aggressive early morning house raids carried out in the town recently.

The PSNI Area Commander, Davy Beck, had offered to meet with éirígí to discuss the issue.

In response, éirígí's Newry representative Stephen Murney said “There would be absolutely no merit or value in meeting with the PSNI to discuss these matters. This force is responsible for ongoing and repeated human rights’ violations in Newry and elsewhere in the Six Counties.

“Indeed, an independent human rights organisation has published reports which demonstrate that PSNI operations, such as the recent raids in Newry and the use of stop and search powers, are carried out on the instructions of MI5 and are politically motivated.

“It is noticeable that PSNI has never denied the claims made in those reports which also indicate that one third of PSNI personnel could be under the direct control of MI5.

“Even in my own case, the PSNI actions, which included raids on my home and my detention in prison, were shown to be without any basis when the courts dismissed all charges against me.  I have yet to hear any acknowledgment or admission from the PSNI that their actions were wrong.

“Our party will not provide credence, or provide any fig-leaf of cover, to the PSNI. Neither will we desist from exposing that force’s ongoing actions that repeatedly result in human rights violations.”

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