Thursday, 24 April 2014

Republican Prisoner arrested by "The National Crime Agency", NCA

On Easter Monday three Roe 4 POWs, Brian Sheridan, Brian Cavlan and Dominic Dynes were released from Maghaberry after completing their sentence. The three men were greeted by their joyous family and friends at the gates of Maghaberry whereby Brian Cavlan was immediately arrested by members of "The National Crime Agency" under an European arrest warrant. Brian was aware that he had a pending charge in the 26 counties and his legal team had notified the relevant authorities that he would make himself available to them after his release from Maghaberry. We the IRPWA demand to know why when such arrangements were in place was it necessary to arrest Brian and place him in custody in front of his family including his 7 year old son who were overjoyed to see him released at last from Maghaberry and then left totally devastated by his subsequent arrest. We also question the fact that it was members of "The National Crime Agency" who made this arrest and seek clarification on their powers in this jurisdiction. Brian was returned to Roe 4 that evening and is currently awaiting extradition to the 26 counties.

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