Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Internees released

Welcome home Republican Internees Kevin Murphy and Packy Carty, victims of a British campaign of evidence invention and falsification to place Irish Republicans in the hands of the British torture regime in MagHaberry gaol.

Both Kevin & Packy have been through the ongoing protest and brutal violations at the hands of the British state.They have had the clothes torn and cut from their bodies and had to run the gauntlets of the Riot squads in MagHaberry Torture camp and been beaten to the ground.

These men were Interned! .... The charges were invented to give the British Crown months and years to torture these men and others away from the public gaze.. Kevin and Packy have been released. Their Friends and comrades continue to suffer the brutality of the British Stormtroopers in the torture camp of MagHaberry and it is our duty to ensure that we redouble our efforts to support the Republican POWs within the British torture system.

Speaking following his release Packy Carty said "I've just Been released from Maghaberry Gaol after being interned by the British State for 9 months , God Bless the Republican POWs in Roe 4 who are in a living hell, i am blessed to have endured their hardships with them"

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