Thursday, 9 August 2012


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Internment, or more accurately, internment without trial, is the practice of imprisoning citizens of a state, indefinitely, without a judicial process; instead of any form of ‘due process’ a citizens’ liberty can be taken of him or her on the say-so of an administrator of the state.

Due to the fact that internment is seen as a major breech of a persons human rights and civil liberties, this form of ‘administrative detention’ is considered to be so punitive and draconian that states who wish to be viewed as ‘democratic’, use it on a temporary basis and in response to an ‘emergency’ situation.

In an Irish context this temporary, emergency situation has existed in every decade for almost a century, that is, from the inception of the ‘six county statelet’. And right up to the present day Irishmen and Irishwomen are being interned without trial by an English political administrator! 

For those who believe that England’s war on the Irish has ended, this may come as a surprise, however, internment 21st century style is not only still in use, its use is now much more draconian than at any time in the past or in any other country in the world.

The present day English administrator, Owen Patterson, not only deprives Irish citizens of their liberty without recourse to a judicial process. In the cases of Marian Price and Martin Corey this administrator has also over-ruled the decision of two high court judges who decreed that they had no charges to answer and should be released immediately.

Such injustices can only exist when ‘good men and women’ do nothing, do not allow this vile practice to be carried out in your name, help put an end to internment without trial, join with other republicans today on the Black mountain to show your support for justice.

End Internment, End British Misrule In Ireland, Release The Internees!!!!

Another initiative by the James Connolly Rpublican Society Belfast

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