Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cllr Hyland Harassed by PSNI

Independent republican councillor Davy Hyland has slammed the PSNI after he was stopped and questioned by them last week along with a number of other members of the public.

The elected representative was stopped and questioned by the PSNI using section 21 of the Justice & Security act outside Newry City Hall after he had checked on the welfare of three members of the public who were being harassed.

Davy explained “I noticed a man, his wife and sister in-law being harassed by the PSNI outside Newry City Hall. As an elected representative and friend of the victims i approached to check on their welfare.

“I was then harassed and questioned, my movements were recorded and my identity noted. The PSNI members in this patrol were very aggressive and bullish. I’d like to know what was achieved by harassing those people and myself ?”

Davy continued “No doubt the PSNI will come out with the usual generic response about tackling “crime” etc. I’d like to know what “crime” was prevented by taking the details and recording the movements of an elected councillor? If anything it’s blatant harassment and also an intelligence gathering exercise.”

“In Newry we have éirígí members being tortured as well as men, women and children being regularly stopped and searched, arrested and assaulted and now elected councillors can be added to the list of victims.

Hyland concluded by saying “It’s obvious that the PSNI can do as they please and harass people at their leisure, they are a completely unaccountable force and should be treated with nothing but contempt.

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