Thursday, 28 July 2011

PSNI absent as Drumcree Orangemen attempt illegal march

In a statement last night, the Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition has accused the PSNI of colluding with the Orange Order in Portadown in an attempt to create a confrontation with nationalist residents. A spokesperson for the GRRC said:

"Last week, the Parades Commission issued a determination in respect of a proposed march by members of the Orange Order from Drumcree which was planned for yesterday evening (Wednesday). Despite the PSNI being aware of that determination which ruled that the Orangemen could not proceed beyond the bridge at Drumcree, no PSNI personnel were present to enforce the Commission's ruling.

"As result, over 30 members of Portadown LOL No.1 were able to make their way for over 300 yards from Drumcree church before 8.00pm to the edge of the nearby nationalist Ballyoran estate before stopping to block traffic.

"It was only as nationalist residents came from their homes that the PSNI arrived on the scene.

"One is forced to conclude that, although being aware of the planned Orange protest march and the Parades Commission ruling in respect of the same, the PSNI deliberately choose to ignore both the Orange protest march and the restrictions placed upon it. The only explanation for this is that both the PSNI and the Orange Order had hoped to draw nationalist residents into physical confrontation,

" The Parades Commission, who have been made aware of other breaches of its determinations in respect of other loyal order parades in recent weeks in Portadown, must ask for a clear explanation as to why the PSNI choose to ignore or enforce a legally binding determination last night in Portadown"


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