I am one of the parents that was there, i had my 3 sons with me, this has left my youngest son traumatised, 4 years of age took off a bus by heavily armed men at gun point, videoed and photographed as he was getting of , he was then separated from me by the PSNI which caused the kids more distress, the child wet himself with nerves, the PSNI then held him on a grass verge for near 2 hours with the child soaked to the bone with his own urine . This was a well planned operation of intimidation by the PSNI, it started that morning at 8o'clock when the PSNI watched us board the bus in West Belfast, they knew that 11 kids 4 woman and 5 fellas were on the bus, they planned the operation for max intimidation, in all my days i have never seen as much PSNI, brit soldiers, plain clothes cops do a stop an search, there was a very sinister element to why the PSNI took it upon themselves to do this, on another point a PSNI man wrote my name and address on a bit of paper and put it in his pocket, i challenged him on it, and he told me it was for his personal use.