Thursday, 7 October 2010

British Repression Set to Increase

It seems the British police have announced they will step up their campaign against Republicans by launching a major "security operation".

At a time when harassment and intimidation is already on the increase this means it will only get worse.

In the Newry area, Republicans have found themselves on the receiving end of much of this harassment with homes being targeted in dawn raids, republicans being dragged out of cars to be stopped and searched, activists being surrounded at gunpoint to be stopped and questioned under the so-called "terrorist act", republicans family members and friends being stopped and searched etc and despite this, former republicans & constitutionals remain silent and don't condemn it.

Its inevitable that this will now get worse, indeed already across Newry there are checkpoints, machine gun wielding thugs walking around Republican areas shining torches into peoples living rooms and gardens.

Do the British not realise that the more they oppress the people, the more the people will resist them?

It's also interesting to note that this was discussed at great length at today's policing board meeting with former republicans in attendance.

So we need to ask, what was their position on this and how will they hold them to account, given the fact there will inevitably be an increase in stop & searches, checkpoints, armed patrols, harassment of republicans/nationalists?

Did they oppose it?
Where they supportive of the repressive decision?
Or are they powerless to do anything about it?

Who's putting manners on who?

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