Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Do PSF Support RUC/PSNI Firing Plastic Bullets in Ardoyne?

It appears that at a recent Policing Board meeting every member present unanimously supported the tactics used by the RUC/PSNI in Ardoyne over the 12th period.

Policing board chair, Desmond Rea, stated that "Having questioned the Chief Constable on the police operation put in place to deal with the serious disorder, Board Members were unanimous in their support of the tactics the police used" Those members included former republicans Daithi McKay and Gearóid ÓhEára.

Now lets reflect on the actions of the RUC/PSNI. The first acts of violence were carried out by the RUC/PSNI when they beat peaceful protesters with batons, punched, kicked and dragged them off the road. They also fired dozens of lethal plastic bullets many of which were fired at head height, this resulted in many people being injured.

To date the irrelevants have yet to condemn the actions of their military wing in the RUC/PSNI and now we know why, they support their actions and they support their tactics and this has been proven by the board members unanimous support for the British militia.

Once upon a time we were told the policing board would hold the RUC/PSNI to account and that manners would be put on them. It's now clear that they aren't holding them to account but are instead acting as cheerleaders for them and supporting them for putting manners on nationalist communities.

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